Our team


Keshsa Vasant and Shivani Patel are old friends who each had dreams of creating a name for their own—Shivani, in the fashion industry and Keshsa, in the world of business. They put their heads together and Arture was born! Their love for nature is obvious in their constant endeavor towards ‘clean fashion’. They founded Arture to pay tribute to all that they hold dear.

On a more personal front, Shivani has always loved animals, chocolate, hues of purple and anything Harry Potter. In the future, she plans to open a day-care centre for dogs and also provide support to young Indian designers who build their lives on their dreams, just as she has!

Keshsa finds happiness in the little things and loves traveling. She is passionate about cooking, racing, golfing and skiing, among a host of other things. Keshsa has a philanthropic streak in her, and finds herself lending a hand to those in need often enough—including animals. She hopes to open a petting zoo someday!