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    All’s well that ends recycled

    The end of the lifecycle of a product, isn’t really the end. How a product is disposed plays a huge role in its impact on the planet. At Arture we go full circle. The Arture products you buy – online, through retailers or through events, can be sent back to us, once you’re done using them. On doing so, you can purchase a new wallet at a 20% discount.

    We, in turn, send these products to our recycling project, where we break down the wallet into its components – fabrics, zips, magnets, etc.These become raw materials for our Afterlife range. After all, a true happy ending is in fact, a new beginning.

    Stay tuned to know more about this range. Meanwhile, if you have an Arture product you'd like to send back to us, please contact us on to schedule a return request. Please note that products have to be at least a year old to be taken back.