Free worldwide shipping. Flexible Returns. COD available in India.

Free worldwide shipping. Flexible Returns. COD available in India.

We're Hiring

About Arture

Arture is a sustainable lifestyle accessories brand that was founded in 2015. We’re a small team of passionate individuals who want our work to have a meaningful impact. We also love creating products that are beautifully designed and of the highest quality standards.

Your Job will be..

You will be directly under the wing of our CEO and Designer, Shivani, assisting in the day to day operations. Your tasks will be varied, but all very interesting. This includes things like assisting in the research for upcoming collections, prototyping of final designs, handling social media and content, scheduling our newsletters, assisting in photo shoots, helping build the website, onboarding new retail partners and more.

You could be the right fit if…

You have an eye for detail and perfection.
Sustainability excites you.
You are planned and meticulous, reliable and fast.
You are ok with the fact that being a startup, a lot of our operations take place from Shivani’s own home office.
You are good with people, and know how to work with software like Illustrator, InDesign, Powerpoint and Excel.
You are good at multi-tasking and the thought of doing multiple jobs excites you.
You have an aesthetic that matches ours, and feel a connect with Arture and the products we create.
You want to be in a place where you can learn and grow.
(People from any field are welcome to apply, as long as you have an interest in all of the tasks we require of you.)

Location and hours

This is a full-time job, based in Chennai, India.

Think you have what it takes?

Have a good look at our website, read our story, and mail us on with the following details :

- Portfolio, if any (preferably for content writing as well as design)
- Cover Letter
- Please include links to your social media/website, etc.

Also, answer the following questions in your mail :

1. Why do you care about sustainability? When did you start to care about it and what led to this shift? How do you adopt sustainability into your day-to-day life?

2. Tell us about a time when you were able to notice a problem and sort it out before it really became an issue. How did you notice? What did you learn?

3. Send us access to a secret Pinterest board that summarises who you are.

4. Today you have a job interview at Arture, your alarm didn’t ring so you woke up late. It is 8:30am and you are expected to arrive by 9am.
Things to do: Brush your teeth (2 min) Do your hair (5 min) Have a shower (5 min) Get dressed (5 min) Order an uber (Takes 1 min to order, 5 min to arrive and 15 min drive)
How will you manage your time? Tell us why.

5. If there was one brand you could call your ‘spirit brand’, one that embodies everything you like or stand for, which brand would that be? Please explain why. (Please do not say Arture, we are not looking for flattery. 🙂)

6. Would you call yourself a person with multiple talents and interests? Explain.