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    Desert non-sustainable leather

    Leather from cactus? 
    Yes. Cactus leather is a vegan, plant-based leather derived from cactus. 

    It's a new sustainable material developed in Mexico, harvested from Nopal Cactus or Prickly Pear that grows in the southwestern regions of the United States and Mexico.

    Okay, but how? 
    When the leaves of the cactus mature, they are trimmed, dried, and treated to make leather. The best part? The process doesn't kill the cactus plant as it uses only the mature leaves, which are replaced by newer leaves.

    It's like a haircut!

    The cactus simply regenerates in 6-8months after being harvested.

    So far so good. But it gets better. 
    Unlike regular leather, Cactus leather :
    - Is not derived from animals
    - Doesn’t use tons of water to manufacture
    - Is biodegradable!
    - Is free of toxic chemicals

    It can stand a desert storm 
    As a material it is super smooth, soft and luxurious to touch. Not just that, it’s also flexible, breathable and lasts up to 10 years. It is resistant to abrasion, rubbing, tearing and UV cold cracks. Unlike regular leather, it is bacteria and mildew resistant too.