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    It’s about what you're made of

    Every Arture product is made from 100% natural cork fabrics. There is a lot that makes cork our favourite material. For starters it's fully water-resistant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, fireproof, and buoyant.

    Of course, it's vegan and sourced sustainably.
    From where?

    Cork is the bark of a tree called Quercus suber. We get cork from the Mediterranean region, which is where our fabric is cultivated. The process of harvesting cork oak does not harm the tree. Bark is stripped from a mature tree, and only during the late spring and summer seasons. The tree is then left to regenerate its bark over a period of 9 years. This bark is then turned into cork fabric.

    This cork fabric is strong flexible, maintains itself, and versatile, making it an easy choice. Oh, and look at that texture...