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Free worldwide shipping. Flexible Returns. COD available in India.

Our Story

Shivani and Keshsa - Co Founders of ArtureHi! I’m Shivani. As a child, I was very fond of arts, crafts and colours. Entering the field of design came as a very natural progression. I studied accessory design and dreamed of having a brand of my own one day.

Back in 2014, many questions started running through my mind - Why can't something that looks good and feels great be sustainable for this world we live in? Why can't I create something that's fashionable, practical, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, all at the same time?

Enter Keshsa. Keshsa comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her keen interest in business and marketing took her down that path, and she too wanted to start something of her own. Our paths collided, and the ideas we discussed excited her. Both of us being fashion enthusiasts and ardent animal lovers, our complementary skill sets led to the birth of Arture.

How we began

In early 2015,Production of non-leather accessories
we joined hands to kickstart the launch of a lifestyle accessories brand. We had a shared vision - a brand that would pay tribute to everything we love - animals, nature, minimalism, and beautiful products. We still remember the endless hours spent on deciding a name for this brand, until we landed on Arture - a portmanteau of the words Art and Nature. It was perfect.

We designed a crowdfunding campaign, launched it on Indiegogo, and that subsequently led to the production of Arture's first batch of products. Filled with adrenaline, we knew there was no turning back. Arture was registered as a company on November 17th 2015, and operations were in full swing.

The brand

We use 100% natural cork fabrics, from the Mediterranean, to create wallets, handbags, sleeves and travel accessories for both men and women. Our cruelty-free range of products earned us the PETA-approved Vegan certification.

Arture Sustainable Vegan Cork

Less is more. We strongly believe in minimalism, functionality and sustainability. Arture assures quality lifestyle accessories that are forever. Utmost care is taken in procuring our materials to ensure that least harm is done to the environment. The lifestyle of our customers is a key consideration while making any of our designs. 


From Bark to Bag 

Process of making Arture bags

Cork is the bark of a tree called Quercus suber. Most people will associate cork to the stoppers used to seal wine bottles. We use the same material to make our products! Cork is predominantly found in the Mediterranean region, which is where our fabric is cultivated. The process of harvesting cork oak does not harm the tree.. It is a completely eco-friendly material and is 100% natural. Cork has many unique qualities, such as being fully water-resistant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, fireproof, and buoyant... and, of course, has an absolutely fabulous texture. It is incredibly light and flexible. It is strong and durable, and capable of self-maintenance, but also soft and versatile. Its pliability has made it an ideal choice.

Cork cultivation has been a family heritage in the Mediterranean for centuries. The process involves stripping the bark from a mature tree. The stripping is done only during the late spring and summer seasons. The tree is then left to regenerate its bark over a period of 9 years. The harvested bark goes through a process of boiling, volumising and then dehydrating. Once the bark has reached the required state, it is finely sliced into sheets and mounted on a soft backing . And lo! -Cork fabric!

Click here to know more about our material. 

Giving Back

Corporate Social ResponsibilitySomething that constantly remained important to us was using our brand as a means to create some positive impact in the world. We knew Arture could make a difference and so we set out to do just that.

As of June 2017, we have partnered with ResQ, a not-for-profit animal charity. They provide medical aid and rehabilitation for animals that face injury or adversity and any kind of physical or psychological abuse. They believe in helping animals through direct action and aim for a peaceful co-existence between humans and animals.

Every purchase that you make on our website goes towards helping an animal in need, be it in the form of feeding puppies, or even sourcing medical care requirements such as injections, dressings for wounds and antibiotic powders. You can see what exactly your purchase is going towards on the "ResQ" tab of every product page. To know more about ResQ, click here.

Welcome to Arture. :)