Free worldwide shipping. Flexible Returns. COD available in India.

Free worldwide shipping. Flexible Returns. COD available in India.

Kim Clutch Wallet - Black + Maroon

An Arture best-seller, the Kim can be used as a clutch, wallet or purse. Designed to be spacious and classy, it holds 12 credit cards, currency notes, a SIM card, and has a small zipped pocket on the interior. It comes with a removable Ivette pouch, that can hold coins or accessories.
With the purchase of this clutch wallet, you donate 10 pairs of gloves used during treatment of animals by ResQ staff to ensure sterile conditions at ResQ.
    1. Dimensions: 7.6 x 3.9 inches / 19.5 x 10 cms
    2. Weight: 145g
    3. Removable Ivette coin pouch
    4. Slot to store your extra SIM in the Ivette pouch
    5. 12 credit card slots
    6. Currency notes
    7. Magnetic closure
    8. Colour options
  • In most ways, cork is pretty low maintenance. Because of it’s waterproof and anti-fungal nature, it remains unaffected by moisture and humidity. If the product gets dusty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. Like with any other material, light colours do have a higher tendency to attract dirt. However, a simple wash with a mild cleansing solutions will do the trick and help you maintain your product. Read more about cork here.
  • Arture products are warranted for a period of 1 year from the day they are bought, covering any faults in material and workmanship, when used under normal circumstances and for the intended purpose. To know more about what’s covered by our warranty, click here.
  • ResQ is a not-for-profit charity organisation which Arture has tied up with to help support their efforts towards the rescue and rehabilitation of animals big and small. To know about ResQ and our partnership, click here. With the purchase of this clutch wallet, you help ResQ source 10 pairs of gloves used during treatment of animals by ResQ staff to ensure sterile conditions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
well designed and very light

I have used the Kim Clutch Wallet for over a month. It is very light weight compared to leather. It is well designed. I love the magnet closure - it works better than snap closure. The cork is a very unique and durable product. I was surprised how beautiful and durable cork is on a wallet. Shivani and Kesha are very talented. I am sure their future products will be just as original as this is. I bought one as a gift. The Kim Clutch Wallet will start a new standard for design.

One of a kind!

The Kim clutch wallet was the first of the many products I’ve bought from arture. I’ve had it since the crowd funding in 2015. Three years later, it still looks as new and classy as the first day. This one is a keeper! To put it in one word, it’s ‘KIM’tastic! 💙

Best Wallet ever!

What's not to love about this product? It's spacious, extremely light and elegant. I can confirm after nearly 2 years of use, that it is still as pretty as day one.. I was pleasantly surprised by how the cork became softer over time.
I highly recommend this particular wallet.

Worthy of a purchase

As I sit here and write about my thoughts and feedback for Arture, I am amazed at my fondness towards this company. It is due to my sheer admiration for the love that they exhibit towards their products that drove me to write my thoughts and feedback about my purchase at Arture. I do not remember the moment I first bumped into Arture, however I do recall gazing at their products and beaming with excitement. All the while making a list of the products I would like to buy.
The second purchase I made was their bestselling and recognized – the Kim Clutch wallet. Black + red.
Usually the outer appearance is what captures the essence of the product when wallets are considered, however, Arture has been careful to make the inner appearance as beautiful and eye catching. The dual coloured kim clutch is a treat for the eyes. Outer colour is enveloped in black and is spilled in red inside.
It is spacious and can hold the cards and money quite easily.
Along with the clutch, placed comfortably in the back compartment is their Ivette coin pouch bearing similar colours to match the wallet. It can be used separately as well.
QUALITY : Arture is the amalgamation of art + nature therefore, one can be assured that the quality is a top priority. The stitching is neat. The cuts, if made are perfect and do not look untidy.
The products are not ruined by unpleasant odour, signalling a work of art and love.
I have been extremely happy with their products and they are worthy of a purchase.

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