Gifts that leave an impression on the recipient, and none on the planet. From conversation starters, to show stealers, we work closely with you to create gifts that do the talking for you.

    NO NASTIES - 30/05/2018

    Read the complete article about our superhero on No Nasties

    Sustainable brand Arture founder - Shivani Patel

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    June 10, 2021

    Hello Ashwini Patil
    Arture (Art+Nature)
    73057 69404

    I hope you are well in both health and spirits !!!!

    Reference: To my discussion with Ashwin

    Subject: I’d like to offer you a proposal for collaboration with NYOM for the sale-promotion of Arture product range.

    NYOM is a ecommerce marketplace for exhibiting unique sustainable and eco-friendly products made in India. NYOM as the name goes is “Not Your Ordinary Market Place” is committed for promotion and sell of sustainable and unique products made by various popular Brands/artisans/manufacturers in our country. Many products made up of these are dealing through us. Few of them are Banana Fibre Sanitary Pads Brands, Bamboo Toothbrush, Towels and T-Shirts, Bamboo Shaving kits etc.,

    The Arture has everything that we look for in our partners – high quality, trendy, and well-branded. I’d like to formally invite you to take part in our mission and to become a partner of NYOM. A partnership with us would result in brand exposure, additional sales, and needless to say your revenue. There’s no downside or catch – we care as much about promoting the well-being of our partners as we do our customers.

    For You:

    NYOM will give it’s 100+% efforts to sell-promote your products and brands on various digital and organic platforms.
    We are working on the Drop-Ship Model. We will make an arrangement of postage/courier from your place
    We are promoting our partner under our scheme of “Brand/Artisan of the Month”

    If you find this offer suitable then please register on and share your products details.

    Trust me, your reply is important for us and we would love to see it.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Pradeep S
    Country Head -Sales, NYOM
    (a product of Omni-Bridge Pvt Ltd Soln)
    93701 31512/ 95450 03898
    | Baner Road, Pune

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