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    Writing her destiny

    Arya Rajam - Author

    Arya is a fashion columnist and a writer, but most of all she is an artistic spirit. She writes fiction novels and is inspired by art in all forms - be it theatre, music or painting. Her calling is in the path less taken and that's where she seeks fulfilment. She thinks she's a daydreamer too, and doesn't think that's always a bad thing. 

    Right from the time Arya was a child, the fantastic books and stories she read inspired her. By the time she was a teenager she was possessed by a strong dream - "to give life to stories and mould them into books". 

    The first novel she wrote was 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'. The protagonist was an aspiring ballerina and it was a story of ambition and determination. She aims to mix a good story with intriguing characters and does not want to be classified under any particular genre for now. Her upcoming novel will be the first part in a fantasy trilogy!

    The upcoming novel is titled 'A Dual Dragoned Throne' and it involves all the elements that fantasy lovers would enjoy so much - mesmerizing swordfights, magicians, dragons and other magical creatures, and a princess who is on her path to discover bravery in order to fulfil her destiny. The characters are constructed with a lot of detail and the story is spilling with suspense and thrill. "It is fast-paced and I enjoyed writing this a lot", says Arya.

    Arya has been a Madras girl so we asked her what it is about this city that she loves to much. "I always feel this city is so special. Despite having travelled around the world, there is a beauty this city has with its people and places that no other place possesses. I love the quietness mixed with noise and modernity mixed with tradition that seeps out of the city's pores. There are too many things I love about Madras to state them all!"

    The one spot she would recommend that everyone visit is the Amethyst Cafe! "Its gorgeous interiors, calm ambience and culture in its events mixed with fashion make it a great place to visit. I also love 'Anokhi' cafe, which has the most amazing aura inside it. It also sells 'Arture' products that I love so much."

    Photo Credit : Sathyajit

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