Who says a wedding can't be green?

January 23, 2017

Who says a wedding can't be green?

Daniela Degrassi
 spent 15 years working as a wedding and portrait photographer in Northern California. After witnessing the over-the-top styles of bridesmaid dresses year after year, she felt highly motivated to create a clothing line that would be ceremony-friendly while (most importantly) providing brides and bridesmaids the ability to re-purpose their looks well beyond the wedding - that motivation led to the birth of Annaborgia
"I love to describe our styles as going 'from bridal to casual'. Annaborgia's minimal, yet glamorous pieces are designed to easily transition from a wedding event into everyday wear or to other social events," said the designer. She  adopted the last name of one of the most discussed medieval Italian families, the Borgias, and added her mother’s first name to balance the fierceness of the Borgia name with the delicate simplicity that the name Anna evokes. "At Annaborgia, we feel that we have the best of two amazing places - we are designed in Italy and made in the USA!"
Daniela has a strong appreciation for the fact that many businesses are opting for more ethical and sustainable practices. We asked her what her views on sustainable weddings is, beyond just the fashion aspect. "What Annaborgia is striving to do is to help brides understand and appreciate that it is possible to have a green wedding without sacrificing glamour, beauty, and elegance. With so many resources online, as well as the availability of eco-friendly wedding planners, it is not difficult to put together an unforgettable day that is both festive and sustainable," she said. 

Being an all woman team, we really connected with the fact that Annaborgia is a woman-driven team too. "
I think I was a feminist before I even knew what the word meant! Growing up in Italy, and in an environment where women weren’t recognized, my instinct drew me to idolize female characters from movies and books with vivacious and fearless personalities. I love to inspire and empower women. It would be wonderful if we could all reach our potential instead of being held up by fear, family abuse, or lack of self esteem. One of my goals for Annaborgia is to use our influence as a vehicle to enhance the lives of women world-wide. On the smaller scale of the Annaborgia team, being surrounded by talented women keeps me motivated. I am not a competitive person, but I fight for what I believe in and I love to celebrate women’s successes." 
We asked her if she would ever consider designing bridal garments for other countries and cultures, such as India! "That’s a great idea actually. I love Indian Wedding Saris! During a trip to New Delhi a couple of years ago, I visited the famous Emporium. The third floor of the Emporium is home to some of the most talented local designers that I have ever come across - my jaw literally dropped admiring their incredible craftsmanship. I hope to visit India again in 2017 and maybe that next trip will spark my creative juices in a total new direction.  Adopting Indian style and techniques would be quite a departure from Annaborgia minimalism - but we are open-minded flexible people here at Annaborgia so you never know!"

Her motto is "minimalist glamour". We absolutely love that! It inspires us not only to see the work she is doing, but also her story and her attitude towards women empowerment. It also makes us happy to see that more and more brands are thinking about fashion from a more unconventional perspective, much like what Arture strives to do. "While Annaborgia is based in the USA, we sell worldwide; just hop over to our on-line eShop - we’re open 24/7." :)

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