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    When it comes to collaborations, we like to team up with brands that inspire us and share our passion for creativity and sustainability. So us partnering with Mollis Soaps was a match made in sustainable, plant-based heaven. To get to know the brand and the people behind it a little more, we sat with Mollis Soaps Co-founder Ruchita and picked her brain a little. Here’s how that went.

    What led to your interest in soaps and starting this brand?

    We are a homegrown brand from India, started by two sisters during the first lockdown here because of the COVID-19 pandemic.We were always fascinated by the art of candle and soap making and we started it as a way to learn a new skill since we had some free time on our hands during the lockdown. Gradually after a lot of hits and trials we started getting some nice results and launched our own brand. Individually, we both also have our own separate careers apart from soap making, I have a clothing line and my sister is a fashion photographer @prithvipictures

    Mollis seems like a very unique brand name. Any story behind it?

    Mollis means soft in Latin. We wanted to come up with a name that's not only unique & memorable but also describes how your skin feels after using our soap bars.

    Aside from creating such high quality soap bars, you seem to have an impeccable eye for design and aesthetic. Where do you inherit that from?

    I have a background in fashion design and my sister is a fashion photographer, so we are both used to thinking visually. Playing around with different colour palettes and textures is something that I am used to doing for my clothing label as well, and that's something that I apply to soap making too. Our combined experience with design and photography naturally influences our soap making as well, whether it's making the soaps, choosing the pigments to designing the packaging and clicking the photographs.

    How do you decide on a particular combination of ingredients for your soap bars?

    We always do a lot of research before coming up with a new variant and choosing the right botanicals and natural clays is a huge part of it. We make sure that the look, feel and aroma of the soap bars all compliment each other and exactly reflect our inspiration behind it.

    What is sustainability to you and how does your brand embody it?

    Sustainability is a process, and that we recognise we can't be a 100% sustainable and thus, it’s a goal. The entire concept behind using a plant-based soap bar is based on sustainability. We created the brand hoping that in some way we can make people reduce their use of body wash, as an average household throws out approximately 210 plastic bottles every year. We also make sure to source our ingredients locally and from vendors who themselves practice eco friendly and sustainable practices providing us with ingredients that are free of harmful and toxic chemicals, cruelty free and natural. Packaging is again a very important factor, so we don't use any plastic in our packaging aside from the bubble-lined kraft paper mailers to protect the boxes from damage & monsoon. We are currently in the process of searching for an alternative to it in a feasible manner. Additionally, we also store all the boxes that we receive from our online purchases and re-use them for packaging our soaps.

    You can check out and shop Arture x Mollis Soaps here.


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