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Wallets That Get It

June 09, 2017

Wallets That Get It

We've seen that most men are quite picky about the wallet they use. They may not be picky about much else, but when it comes to their wallets - it's got to be right, and they will be faithful.

We've seen men who have used their wallets for so many years at a stretch - considering it their lucky wallet. There is so much emotion associated with this one accessory - and it happens to be one of the only accessories in a man's closet, compared to the vast number of accessories in a woman's. 

When we started our design process for a men's wallet, we knew we had to take all of this into consideration. We had to really get into a man's mind and understand what he could possibly need. Many many prototypes and iterations led to the Glen and Gale wallets. We breathed a happy sigh. 

It's been about a year and a half since we initially introduced the Glen Coin Wallet, and the Gale Slimfold Wallet came soon after. In no time, they became favourites - among our customers, among our retailers and among us. Hundreds of these wallets are loved by happy customers, purely because of their simplicity. They have became like Heritage pieces in our collection, because we're sure they'll live on for a long time.

Gale Men's Vegan Wallet

Essentially pretty classic in style, a few Arture touches made these wallets what they are. 
  1. Firstly, the fact that we use cork to make all our accessories meant that they are not just cruelty-free, but naturally waterproof, anti-fungal, lightweight and beautifully textural, giving them an advantage over any other leather or non-leather alternates.
  2. The Glen Coin Wallet is a traditional coin wallet in function - fitting cash, cards, as well as coins.
  3. The Gale Slimfold Wallet on the other hand, is a slimmer alternate for someone who would rather not carry coins, and would prefer more cards. Though the Glen and Gale are identical from the exterior, the subtle differences in functionality make them cater to two unique personalities. 
  4. The contrast decorative stitches on the exterior, coupled with the earthy colours of the cork make them so unique in style. 
  5. They come with SIM card slots on the interior - Super practical for when you travel and need to safely stash away your home SIM.

Wallet with SIM card Slot

Which would you pick - the Glen or the Gale? Let us know in the comments. 😄

Also, we are running a Giveaway for Father's Day where you could win a Glen or Gale custom engraved with your dad's initials - The perfect gift!! Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram page to participate.

Love as always,
The Arture team

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