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    This blog is a reminder to take a break

    When an oak tree is harvested for cork, it is marked and not harvested again, for another 10 years. You read that right, ten years! That is the time an oak tree takes to regrow and be healthy enough to provide cork

    So is it unproductive for 10 years? No, it's not. Contrary to the popular belief, the ability to take enough breaks for you to do your best is an invaluable skill. 

    It benefits industries when people push themselves to deliver more and more. Hence, this high performing 'hustle' lifestyle is often rewarded in society. But only a well-balanced lifestyle is sustainable. And we are a sucker for all things sustainable. 

    We know everyone around you is baking, working out, learning new things. And that's great. It is equally great, however, to use this time to unwind, nap a little, watch more Netflix, and give yourself some downtime, without the guilt. 

    Here is a to-do-list on how to do nothing and take a healthy break: 

    Get some extra zzzzz
    Most of us aren't traveling to work and hence saving on that commute time. Instead of trying to be 'productive', use this time to sleep a little more. Maybe watch another episode, or have breakfast in bed. 

    Putting less work in the workout
    If you have been working out regularly, switch it up with something that's easier on your body. Some yoga, or a stroll in the park maybe. You could even pamper your body with some at-home spa, or an extended hot shower. 

    Long time no see
    Catch up with loved ones, reply to old friends. This calms and relaxes our minds. 
    Pro-tip: Share your break with others. Go on a break with your partner or friends to make it more rejuvenating 

    Go MIA
    Give yourself a day when you don't HAVE to do anything online. You don't HAVE to reply to emails, comments, tags. Give news a skip too.

    Watch the clouds
    We are not kidding. Head out, without any devices, and observe the world around. Smell the roses, look at the stars. Just be an observer, and nothing more. 

    Bring out the playlist
    Watch an old favourite movie or organise your old music. Hours will go by without you noticing with this one, we promise. 

    Picture this
    Look at old photos. No, don't organise, journal, or declutter your albums. Just go through old photos. Maybe even change the one in your wallet. 

    Game for this?
    Gaming is a much better rejuvenation activity than it gets credit for. From pushing buttons on the controller to bringing out an old dusty board game, nothing says chilling like a game night. 

    There's lots more you can do (or shall we say, not do). Leave more suggestions on taking a mindful break below in the comments. 
    Staying busy is also a way of coping through the pandemic stress and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you take off the pressure to be productive and achieving all the time.

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