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The Top 7 Things in my Gym Bag - A Guest Post by Roshni Sanghvi

April 30, 2018

The Top 7 Things in my Gym Bag - A Guest Post by Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is a body transformation specialist, who crafts her training and plans uniquely for each individual. She is a super specialist in vegan, high carb & whole food lifestyle, believing that there is no one-rule-fits-all when it comes to staying fit and diets. Roshni did us the honour of telling us a little about her day-to-day life and what goes into her gym bag. Read all about it below :


My sister often jokes that I was born with my gym bag attached to me and never get away from it. Well partly that’s true ;). I might be wearing a very fancy dress but will still carry around my bag like a purse. But hey, juggling with handling online training, personal training and managing two fitness centres, there is really very little time I am left with to do anything that is not fitness-related.

So here is my list of the top seven items that are always in my gym bag:

1) Resistance Bands: These are my workout partner when I am travelling and I cannot even tell you the countless number of hotel room workout’s I have done using just these. They are great for stretching before and after workouts since they help open up muscle fibers by adding an extra resistance to your stretch. Now most fitness centres will carry these, but for hygiene purposes, I like to carry my own. Plus they barely take up any space in the bag!

2) Hand Sanitiser: Fitness centres are a playground for germs. Especially with my hectic travel schedule, I don’t have time to fall sick and take a few days off to recover. Being on a whole food plant-based diet and years of taking care of my health have built my immunity (touch wood!) quite well. However, it is always best to take precautions. The one I use is from Bath & Body Works. It is vegan and cruelty-free. Though all their flavours are amazing, Warm Vanilla Sugar is my all time favourite!

3) Hand Lotion: I mean hey, I lift! And do I lift heavy. I have battle scars all over my hand to prove it ;). Regular hand lotions are just not enough. But I have found a perfect one that I think everyone who lifts will love! Its called ‘Hemp Hand Protector’ from The Body Shop and it is for extra extra hard working hands. No matter how rough your hands might be, trust me this will do the trick! 

4) Headphones: Because I am not sure anyone can do cardio without some good music. My current favourite track is Thunder form Imagine Dragons. But besides music, I listen to a lot of e- books from Audible, watch Netflix and sometimes even finish calls when I am on the cardio machines. Top three things to look out for when shopping for headphones to use on the floor:
 Its sweat proof
 Light Weight
 Wireless

5) Kinesiology Tape: One thing I pride about on the gym floor is my posture. It is always on fleek and as long as your posture is on fleek, there is no way you will land an injury. In my 5 years of actively training, I have had a sprained ankle just once on the floor. And that was because I was jumping around a little too carelessly celebrating my first pull up. But I often have muscle soreness of even a pull sometimes. KT tapes work great to provide stability to muscle fibers and instigate the process of self- healing. Injuries can set you back not only physically but mentally as well. Precautions such as these will ensure you never go off-track.

6) Energy Bars: There is nothing worse than a hungry Roshni walking around with no sight of food. I prefer making homemade bars when possible, such as this one:

But when I cannot, Flat Tummies bars are my go-to. They are vegan and extremely delicious for a quick bite when you get hungry, especially post workout!

7) Sleek all-purpose Arture Wallet: Remember how I told you I literally carry my gym bag everywhere. Its very often that I would have to change at the gym and rush to a meeting right after workout. My Arture Wristlet holds more than just my $$ and cards and looks very beautiful if I have to just carry that instead of a full purse. It is a convenient way for me to keep up looking stylish while also avoiding carrying a heavy handbag.

If you are a newbie to the gym or have been even thinking about starting your fitness journey, I hope this article is the sign you have been waiting for. Make sure to checkout my webpage as well as my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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