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    The Story of Arture (as told by our Founder)

    Hi, my name is Shivani and I am the founder and head designer of Arture. Today marks the day we complete 4 years of our journey, and it has been overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many people we’d love to thank for this, but for now I’m just going to tell you my story of how we came into existence.😊
    As a child, I was very fond of arts, crafts and colours. Entering the field of design came as a very natural progression. I studied accessory design and dreamed of having a brand of my own one day. My dad was in the leather export industry for the longest time and that’s what got me interested in accessories. While I initially started working with leather, I constantly wondered about alternates. A lot of it came from customers coming to me and asking – can you make this non leather? I knew I wanted to shift to something sustainable but I hadn’t quite put my finger on it.

    I once happened to buy a granulated cork sheet to make a notice board for my room. As I was working with the material I remember thinking to myself - Is it possible to make wallets out of cork? I took to the internet right away and tried looking up companies that work with cork and found that there were few companies (none in India) that work with cork. I was instantaneously drawn to the material and the texture of Cork. Cork fabric looked unlike anything I had seen, It looked like a really good quality corkscrew – but in fabric form. I was fascinated. All I had ever seen was rubberized or granulated cork.

    Texture of Cork Fabric

    In April 2014, at a materials fair, I came across a supplier that was selling cork fabrics. It was from that moment on that everything changed. I ordered some samples and began prototyping. I made some samples, showed them to people and not one person reacted with anything short of surprise. I decided that this material was the answer to everything I was looking for and it deserved that respect. I would start a brand honouring cork and sustainability.

    I worked through 2014 on designing my first range of accessories for this brand. Once the collection was ready, around Jan 2014, I started building a crowdfunding campaign for it. I designed a crowdfunding campaign, launched it on Indiegogo, and that subsequently led to the production of the first batch of products. Filled with adrenaline, I knew there was no turning back.  I still remember the endless hours spent on deciding a name for this brand, until I landed on Arture - a portmanteau of the words Art and Nature. It was perfect.

    Designing Arture products

    Throughout college, in my designs, I was always drawn to two things, Texture and Functionality. It now seems natural that both of those came through in Arture.

    Fast forward to four years later, and we have a loyal set of customers whose feedback keeps us growing and innovating, a team that is passionate and dedicated (without whom I would beyond doubt be incomplete), and products that we are so proud of and excited to put into the world.

    We can’t wait for everything that is yet to come, and we have a HUGE surprise planned for everyone next month. Stay tuned for that, and Happy Arture Birthday, everyone!!! ❤️

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