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    The show (and the planet) must go on

    Bring out the popcorn! Why? Cause we've curated a list of quotes from shows, documentaries and movies that inspire us to be more sustainable. All of these are a nudge to care for the planet, no matter who you are: an Avenger, or a jungle boy brought up by animals.

    The planet needs some saving. And we need some reminding. So here we go:

    “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt"
    - Interstellar

    “I do not understand the human race has so little love for creatures with a different face. Treating animals like people is no madness or disgrace. I do not understand the human race.”
    - Doctor Dolitte

    "Why would my mother send me a fur? Doesn't she know me but at all! Plus, I have a perfectly fine coat that no innocent animal suffered to make!"
    Phoebe, Friends 

    “The only people threatening the planet would be people?”
    - Avengers, Age of Ultron

    “You’re part of this place, not a visitor - That’s a huge difference”
    - My Octopus Teacher

    “The more I learn what is a man, the more I want to be an animal.”
    - Mowgli

    “Out there is our home. *HOME*. And it's in trouble. I can't just sit here and-and-do nothing. That's all I've ever done!”
    - Wall-E

    “We’re made of star-stuff”
    - Cosmos

    “Nature is resilient. Great riches still remain. And with our help, the planet can recover.”
    - Our Planet

    There are reminders all around us to care for the planet. From a pile of trash, to air turning grey around us, to even a movie about penguins. While these are ample, we only tune them in, when we are sensitive to the needs of the world around us.

    Tell us a quote that inspires you to care for the planet. Meanwhile, we'll be making these our wallpaper, so we never forget.

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