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    The making of the Daphne bag

    Daphne crossbody bag is our flagship bag. It’s the newest bag, in our handbag range and it kick starts a new journey for us. Daphne is made of cactus leather and cork making it a sustainable and vegan accessory.

    Throughout the creation process, we designed and redesigned aspects of a classic crossbody bag to make Daphne a bag that understands you better than the average bag. We designed it to be a trusted sidekick that you can pick up any time you step out. Here’s a deep dive into the BTS of the bag:

    The WHY

    Our sustainable wallets, pouches, organizers, card-sleeves, let users ditch leather and plastic alternatives. Handbags are also an accessory that heavily use leather and PVCs. Our users have always requested for a hand bag range that’s made of vegan and natural materials. Thanks to our community it was clear that this was the next step for us. Our objective is to give users the choice to pick a better product for the planet when they buy fashion accessories.. And luxury handbags was an obvious gap. 

    The WHAT

    We always knew what we expected from Daphne. Arture’s design pillars are functionality, minimalism and attention to detail. Daphne couldn’t be an exception. It was designed to be minimal, versatile, super handy and durable. It’s a new range for us, but our design thinking is based on the same principles as always.

    The HOW

    Now’s the interesting part. How did we decide the colours? The materials?
    Daphne was our first bag. So it had to be something that could pair with anything. A classic in every sense. Hence we chose Tan and Black. These colours make Daphne versatile and timeless. We also wanted our users to have a choice between a matte and a smoother finish. Hence instead of picking one, we used both cork and cactus leather for this. Our choices were made to make choosing easier for users.

    The WOW  

    What sets Daphne apart from other bags is the little things. We all brought our experiences of using a crossbody and turned the issues we faced into unique product features.

    “I keep losing my keys in my bag.” So we added a key ring on the side to hold keys in a place.
    “I lose things inside when i need them the most” led to the addition of a quick access pocket outside for essentials like phone, sanitizer, cards etc.
    “The straps take long to adjust.” So we made a snap-in strap that adjusts in a second, even on the go and without removing the bag.

    The WHO

    We tested, and retested and retested the product both with our artisans and the design team. Their feedback and experience has made Daphne a product that is nuanced and versatile.

    Like always, we have also partnered with ResQ, which allows you to contribute towards medical care for rescued animals at the shelter with every purchase.

    Understanding where products come from and how they are built is the first step to buying more mindfully. At Arture we enjoy having a transparent creation process so you can know your product inside-out before buying it. We like it when users put as much thought into purchases as we do in the products. If you have more questions about Daphne do reach out to us or drop a comment below and we’ll hit you up, right away. 

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