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    Looking at the Bigger Picture : Fashion Revolution 2018

    'Fashion is misunderstood, a lot of people still think of it as shopping.'
    - Gene Sherman

    Gape into the window displays of your favourite fashion brand at the mall and try to think of the people who helpedmake it. Behind the transparent windows at their stores, how transparent are the brands we buy from? Can you look through them? Do you know for sure that the person who gave the princess line to your dress was ethically treated, fairly paid, taken care of and given a safe environment to work in?

    This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka, a disaster that sent across a wave of awakening throughout the world and many people stood up, asking- who made my clothes? Giving birth to The Fashion Revolution.

    Rana Plaza Collapse

    This one incident served as an eye opener world-over and whizzed many people like us into introspecting, whether our clothes are really clothes to die for.

    ‘Their clothes are traceable – the name of the woman who made the garment is on the label.’  said a report on the brand BIRDSONG - an apparel brand that is built of women.

    Impact of the Fashion Industry

    Fashion Revolution is a clear outcome of the dwarfing of the distance from the ramp to the store. Fast fashion. We’ve written from time to time on our concerns and thoughts regarding the same, and how one thing leads to another, ending up with us being irresponsible shoppers.

    This week asks of us togive a damn. To care.Not to care for just one week, but to start caring for the rest of our lives.

    Hence, while on the topic - “who helpedmakethem”, here are the people behind our label.

    Riyaaz and Murugan are the backbones of Arture. Our team is small, but together, we are powerful. On our part, we make sure nothing jeopardizes our workers’ rights and provide a healthy working environment and wages. We were built on the idea of sustainability and hold our ethics dearly. We are very open to suggestions and would love to know if any of you have questions! 

    To end with, Five years have resulted in a more conscious buying pattern of the consumer, brands have been pushed to increase their transparency and many new brands and clothing lines that focus on sustainability have sprung up. Modern, and generally younger shoppers, are more conscious and want to know more about where their products are coming from. People are actively looking to make a change. They want to know more about the “how” and the “who” behind the clothes they wear – to understand the story behind their clothes.

    Let us all, this Fashion revolution week not only observe the rights of the people who make our clothes but also exercise our rights as consumers, and become aware of what we put into the carts and at what cost.

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