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    Taking care of your cork accessory - A complete guide

    Cork is a low maintenance material. It’s waterproof, anti-fungal, and remains unaffected by moisture and humidity, leaving you very little to worry about.

    But it’s also a material most of us haven’t owned before. So here is a handy guide on how to clean, and care for your cork accessory and get the best out of your product.

    1. Cleaning your Arture product 
    Whenever your product gets dusty, wipe it with a damp cloth. Like any material, light colours in cork too, may attract dust over time but nothing a simple wipe with a mild cleansing solution can’t fix.

    2. Washing and water 
    We do not recommend leaving your your wallet wet or in water for long periods of time. While cork is water repellent and the structural integrity of the wallet remains unchanged, water might leave salt stains if left on for hours. So instead of an intense rinse, go for a quick wipe/wash.

    Pro tip: Follow it with a dry wipe to make sure there’s no leftover water on the wallet.

    3. Sharp objects and surfaces
    Cork is a tough nut. Keys, everyday pointy objects are not likely to harm your cork wallet. However, it’s always a good practice to avoid prolonged contact with abrasive and rough surfaces.

    4. Sanitising your wallet 
    If you like to sanitise your wallet to keep it germ free, go ahead. A common drugstore sanitizer will do your product no harm. Sanitise your product and wipe it off with an absorbent cloth quickly. Avoid leaving on the sanitizer for too long.

    5. Sun, friend or foe?
    If you are out and about in the sun, feel free to carry your wallet along. Cork can face direct sunlight for 3-4 hours with no harm. However if you are going to be out much longer than that, best to keep the wallet inside a pocket or bag, instead of direct sunlight.

    6. Rain and humidity 
    Unlike leather, cork is your go-to guy in the monsoons. It is water-proof and anti-fungal even in humidity. If your wallet gets wet in the rain, wipe it as soon as possible and you’re good to go! 

    The rule of thumb with cork is that it’s tougher than it appears. So there’s not much to look out for. An occasional quick wipe and it will be good as new. Find out more about cork here.

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