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    Small acts that can #SparkAChange this Diwali

    At Arture, we believe change comes in small acts. It comes in simple, everyday choices, and not just grand gestures. When we do a few things better time and again, we can create a difference for the planet. This Diwali, we’re here to help you #SparkAChange and adopt a new habit or product, that benefits you and the world around you. We’ve got some things that are easy to do and yet, can help us increase our positive footprint.

    So here are 7 (super simple) acts of kindness you can do to make this Diwali a little brighter:

    Power saver mode: On

    Power consumption is at all time high during Diwali. Fairy lights often stay on for whole night, for weeks. It’s a good idea to invest in energy saving lights or LEDs if you are putting up lights for long periods of time. You can also choose to go natural and use diyas or candles. Ditch cheap plastic and high power consumption lights this year.

    Say ‘pack up’ to Plastic

    From wrapping to bags to excessive packaging, Diwali is a time when a lot of single use plastic enters our homes. Choose paper gift wrapping or reuses regular gift wrapping. Avoid carry bags and multiple layers of packaging whenever possible, like on those mithai boxes and baskets. To make your gifts festive you can use beautiful cloth or silk bags or even paint (and sprinkle some glitter) on newspapers to use it as wrapping.

    Give stray, a place to stay.

    It’s not new news that Diwali is a tough time for stray animals. We can help by asking our neighbours to limit cracker brusint to a single area or encourage community fire cracker bursting (if avoiding crackers altogether is not an option). Another thing we can do is open our homes and verandahs to give stray animals shelter for a few days. Or encourage our community to seclude a place for them in the neighbourhood park or parking. Also put out food and water more regularly during this time, as it help them re-energize and cope with the stress of Diwali.

    Shift the way you gift

    Splurging and shopping is the go-to activity on diwali. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead we can try and gift more mindfully. Pick from local businesses, sustainable products and small shops. Handmade soaps like Mollis make wonderful gift. Invest in vegan and natural products. Do you research. Avoid things that are a single use or excessive.
    You can even ditch mainstream gifts for something handmade or even a heartfelt letter or a family trip. Remember that a money-bought item isn’t the only way to connect and strengthen our relationships.

    Share thy gifts

    It’s common to get more than you can use on Diwali. We are often lucky to be overwhelmed with the amount of gifts and sweets we get. Instead of passing those on, we can donate some to a shelter nearby. Ask your house help if they would like to take that extra set of cutlery or grinder-mixer home. Avoid hoarding and passing gifts on. Share them with those who’d cherish them more than you.

    Decoration, with a difference

    Sadly, a lot of Diwali decoration tends to be made of plastic and single-use. Switch to dried flowers, paper decoration or handmade decoration. It is incredibly fun to do a crafts day and make your own decoration too. Secondly, don’t toss decoration out after one use. Store it for next year, give it a dust and reuse it again.

    Don’t skip the extra tip

    Diwali is not just a big holiday but a big time for business too. Which is why public transport, deliveries, food businesses, government service and many stores stay open during Diwali. If it were not for these services, our lives would come to a standstill and it’d hamper our Diwali celebrations. So every time you take a rickshaw, or order food during Diwali be sure tip a little extra, to make their being away from home during festivals, a little easier.

    Tell us which of these are you going to try, to #SparkAChange and any other ideas you may have to make the world a little kinder, greener and brighter this Diwali.

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