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    Read this before buying a vegan wallet

    Wallets and several other accessories have traditionally been made using leather. Leather, that is derived from various members of the animal kingdom. Not too long ago, the world realised the harmful impact of the leather industry on our environment. And while some brands continue down the path of creating bags and accessories from leather, lucky for us and the planet, many people have moved away from the same. And we believe, it's about time.

    Enter Vegan wallets. So basics first, what's vegan? For those who're late to the party, something that's vegan essentially means that it does not include or contain any animal product. So vegan wallets are wallets that are made using any material other than those derived from an animal. It ranges from cloth, PU leather, recycled plastics, to well...our favourite, cork.

    men's vegan wallet minimal

    Now, the term vegan is more often than not used as a synonym for something eco-friendly and sustainable. And it is...almost. 

    The thing is, that just because it is not derived from wildlife, doesn't guarantee that a product is good for the planet. Is it sustainable? What is the manufacturing process? Where are the materials derived from? And the most overlooked...what happens to the product once you're done using it? 

    Sustainability itself is a term who's definition welcomes you with arms wide open. From the environment to society, the term applies to anything that does good or at least does no harm in the long run, and in fact, can last in the long run.

    For example, fast fashion brands that promote a 'wear once, throw twice' culture are not sustainable. Instead, a store that recycles its old products, or creates new products out of discarded items is extremely sustainable. 

    So while choosing vegan accessories, first give yourself a brownie point for not choosing leather, but then ask your self - is the material you're choosing any better? For example, a PU leather wallet sure didn't harm the environment...for now. But it is derived from plastic. A material with a reputation. A cumbersome recycling process and non-biodegradable material that will eventually end up harming the environment. Sooner or later. Moreover, what kind of industry is this wallet coming from. Is it promoting sweatshops? If it does it's not socially sustainable. It does not promote a good life and society for humans.

    men's vegan minimal wallet

    Choose product thoughtfully. Read its story. Read its after story. 

    We at Arture strive every day to create accessories that are not just vegan but create a better world in a more complete sense. It starts with our raw material - cork. A plant-based material derived in a way that does not harm the trees. Also, a material that isn't hard to recycle and is degradable. Moreover, with every purchase, you contribute to ResQ, an NGO for animals, making the product more socially sustainable.

    When we're walking down the road of sustainability, you can't have a myopic vision. We must think of the complete processes and get a bird's eye of view of all connected stakeholders. 

    The products we buy are more than objects on the shelves. They have backstories, sequels, and several characters who shape and are shaped by them.

    Hence we must learn about their origins and put a thought in choosing our products. After all, not all heroes wear capes. Some just read labels and product information. 

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