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    #PocketPlaylists: 10 Songs We'd Put Our Money On

    They say money makes the world go around. Well, so does music. Put ‘em together and the world’s spinning pretty hard now. From notes 🎶 to notes 💸 we’ve got you some gems from our playlist. A list of all songs money.
    Hit play!

    1. Money Money Money, It’s So Funny - Abba 
    What’s funny is that this song is the first to pop in everyone’s head when we say ‘Money Songs’. So let’s start and get this one out the way. 

    2. Money - Pink Floyd 
    Is any playlist complete without some Pink Floyd. Nope. The sound of the coins in this one makes it worth every cent! 

    3. Price Tag - Jessie J  
    We are sure you’ve karaoke’d this one - We don’t want your money money money….
    And like you said Jessie, you sure made the world dance! 

    4. Cash - Cash
    Another song that gets us to the dance floor and all nostalgic about this pretty crazy Bollywood flick. We did get our money’s worth of drama here. 

    5. 7 Rings - Ariana Grande 
    While this song doesn’t technically have the word money in the title, it’srichwith money talk. See what we did there. Our favorite line?Write my own checks like I write what I sing! Preach🙌

    6. Paisa Paisa Karti hai - De Dana Dan 
    It’s 2009. Every party you go to play this song on repeat. Your friends even use it every time someone asks them for money. Life is good. 

    7. Paisa Yeh Paisa - Karz 
    Here’s a classic. Like every other song from this Rishi Kapoor movie. There are some remakes and remixes of this one too, but no thanks, we’ll take the OG. 👏

    8. Money on My Mind - Sam Smith 
    It’s said Sam Smith wrote this song to tell his fans, he makes music for them and their love, and not for the money and fame. With a voice that smooth, we’d believe in a second! 

    9. Got Money- Lil Wayne
    Is it a bank robbery? It is a rapper at the pub? We don’t know what’s happening in this video. But we are HOOKED. 

    10. Money can’t buy me love - The Beatles 
    Just the note we’d like to end on. And who better to sing it to us than the Beatles themselves? 

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