Paving a conscious, delicious, vegan path

August 27, 2016 2 Comments

Paving a conscious, delicious, vegan path

Dhaval Chandrana

Dhaval Chandarana, a true Madras boy, is the all-India distributor for Aurosoya. He grew up and studied in Chennai and is happy to call Madras his home. Aurosoya is based in Auroville, Pondicherry and their mission is to promote and produce organic healthy food for conscious living and in doing so to be a vehicle of higher consciousness in the global market of food that inspires and supports respect for all beings and for Mother Earth.

Dhaval’s motivation to take this path was that he was very sure he did not want to do something just for the money. He says, “I wanted to do something that I felt good about and something that was good for the world too. Healthy food is something I could very much relate as I follow a healthy Vegan diet. Practicing what I preach is something that makes me feel good."

He met Frederic (who started Aurosoya) at a workshop in Auroville and they connected pretty well. That was the start and now it's been close to about 2 years since he has been with Aurosoya and it's been a wonderful journey. Frederic and he work with an all-woman team in their unit in Auroville. 

Having been a vegan for the past five years, Dhaval is an inspiration to everyone who wants to turn vegan, "Being vegan reduces the carbon footprint by a huge margin, and that certainly feels good. It's actually pretty easy being a vegan as fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens and seeds are easily available and they easily fulfil all the nutritional requirements of the body!”

The people of Madras is what he loves most about this beautiful city. For people looking to step out and have a good vegan meal, Dhaval recommends Flower Drum in Egmore, Madras, which is a Chinese restaurant with many vegan options.

You can visit to see their offerings.

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September 03, 2016

Keep rocking Dhaval. You are an inspiration to many! ?


August 30, 2016

Super going

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