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    My thumb isn't green!

    Today is not just another Monday. It’s one to celebrate. Any chance we get to talk about nature and the environment, we grab. And today is the perfect opportunity!

    The United Nation, aware of the need to protect and conserve the world we live in, designated June 5th as World Environment Day. It’s been celebrated every year since 1974, and this year Canada is the Global Host. The theme for 2017 is ‘Connecting people to nature’, which asks us to step outside our comfort zones of marbled floors and cemented ceilings. It’s a wake up call. One that we at Arture welcome with open arms!

    A common misconception is that celebrating this day can only be done in the form of planting trees. Planting is a great habit to cultivate, but not everyone has a green thumb, and we completely understand that. However, your contribution to the environment could take any other shape or form. Here are some things that we at Arture resolve to do more of this World Environment Day :

    1. Spend more time outdoors, with nature.
    2. Be careful about the electricity we are using - Use nothing more than what’s required.
    3. Use more clothing and accessories that are sustainable - or even make our own clothes every once in a while.
    4. Use less plastics - starting by carrying a cloth bag every time we go shopping.
    5. Try to carpool more often. To promote the importance of carpooling, we at Arture have partnered with UberPOOL in Chennai. Using UberPOOL through this week can win you some Arture goodies. :) 

    Arture Workshops

    One Sunday each month, it’s become an Arture tradition for the team to meet up for a fun day together. Each month, one of our team members or friends gets a chance to speak to the others about his/her skills, around which we build an interactive workshop. Interestingly, last Sunday, we happened to build our workshop’s premises around Shrutilaya’s home.

    Shrutilaya Artist's Home

    Shrutilaya is a makeup artist/cat mom/DIY enthusiast and dreams of one day having her own urban boho jungle.

    She does her bit, a major bit, for the environment. She had a lot to be learnt from and her jolly conduct made the workshop pass by like a classic ‘Sunday afternoon’ chat. (A hard one to beat, we all agree.) We can’t fail to mention that her cats Luna, Yoda and Dobby took up a lot of our attention and kept us on our feet.

    But no, don’t feel left out, we took notes!

    Here's how our conversation went -

  • Why did you start decorating your home yourself?
  • S-  When you're in your early 20s and moving into your own place, you don't really have the money to buy everything you like or want. So, a lot of what my husband Subhash and I got were hand me downs and it was up to me to style them up, repurpose or upcycle them to fit into what was envisioned for our home. 

  • You have repurposed a lot of old items and turned them into quirky wall hangings, etc. Tell us a little about your process.
  • S- (laughs) The process is really simple, inspiration just hits me, and it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, I start it up. Sometimes I just start something and place it in its designated spot. Over the course of the week, I keep adding to it until I'm happy.

    What I've realised about decorating one’s home is that it should reflect oneself. It's easy to order everything at the same time and have matching sets of things. But upcycling items, and adding both furniture and decor one at a time will give it so much more personality. 

    DIY Home Decor

  • It's world environment day on today, any ideas on how everyone can reduce, reuse and recycle?
  • S- Plenty! We all get hand me downs that we may not love at first, but keep them, you never know when you'll find a way to use them! 

    I love using things that you would think to throw away, and give them a new lease on life. Especially old jewelry and such. There was a reason you loved it! If it doesn't suit your style anymore, there will always be a place for it somewhere in your home. 

    DIY Home Decor

  • What are your top tips on adding a touch of sustainability to one's home?
  • S- I think reusing is the simplest and easiest way to take a step towards sustainability. Even if it's something as simple as a glass bottle, you could use it to propagate plants or as a vase. Similarly, old sarees and fabrics can become wall hangings or pillow covers. It's super easy to reuse and repurpose. 

    Also, I'd like to add a bit about buying locally as much as possible. Your budget may not always allow you to buy from companies that work directly with carpenters or carpet makers, but wherever you can, buy from those companies. It really helps them, and helps keep a tradition and craft alive. 

    Need we say more? We can all do our parts by doing the little we have in our hands. Don't forget to check out Shrutilaya's Instagram page for daily inspiration. One needn’t go out of the way to pay mother earth’s dues. Do you have any tips on how to add sustainability to one's life? Please leave your comments below. :D

    This World Environment Day, Happy going-green y’all!

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