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Confessions of a Fashionista

September 07, 2016

Confessions of a Fashionista

From a bachelors in business administration to a marketing graduate, Rutika was technically on the path towards the corporate life. But chance got the best of her and in 2015, her blog, My Fashion Confession was born. "It just happened! Guess the best for me comes with no planning at all. I am just going with the flow."

With her target group being college girls, young mothers and working professionals, she focuses on sharing inspirations that matches her personal style. According to Rutika, its all about understanding the deeper sense in trends, sourcing outfits, accessories in vogue, tips for that quintessential look and more.

Being a Chennai girl, her opinion on the home front scene is positive. "Chennai, as a city, has been in love with its silks and is growing to the western style of fashion. There have been a lot of pop-up shops introducing and encouraging new designers. Well, that’s a gateway!"

Rutika is a movie buff, who loves spending time with her friends, enjoys rains and the perfect cup of tea, and of course fashion.

Ask her what according to her is the most versatile piece of clothing and accessory for every woman, and she quickly replies with - a denim shirt. "It’s a bit too versatile, don’t you think? You can pair it with anything classy to casual."

We are loving her styles and her feature with us on her blog, and we can't wait to see how much more we can involve Rutika in the Arture experience.

You can check out her blog here - My Fashion Confession

You can also connect with Rutika through Facebook, Instagram, Roposo and Twitter

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