Meet the faces behind The Postbox

November 16, 2016

Meet the faces behind The Postbox

With the sole purpose of celebrating and creating niche product design and digital art from artists around the world, Nikhil Joseph is a co-founder and head of marketing & strategy for The Postbox – a platform where we feature our products regularly.

“With no specific topic (animals, love for nature, sustainability, veganism, eco friendly accessories) in mind, this is an all round space which will gain a lot of traction as the community becomes larger and demands for it. In regard to fashion, there is already an evolution of sorts with everyone moving to sustainable clothing” he tells us, matter-of-factly. Nikhil is a man who not only finds passion in his work, but also happiness with the little things in life such as when small moments in life are remembered or when the finer details at work are appreciated – something that we all can totally relate to. With role models such as Elon Musk and Matt Preston of Masterchef Australia, Nikhil really has a commendable choice when it comes to seeking inspiration.

When asked what happiness meant to him – “happiness to me means being at ease and (being) comfortable with yourself and everyone around you.”

A lady with an artistic vision, Madhuvanti Senthil Kumar is the Nikhil's partner and Head of Design at The Postbox. Her left brain and visually aesthetic knowledge lead to this reply on sustainability, we’re sure – “Sustainable design is gaining a lot of momentum as it is so important to balance the ecosystem of materials and usage of the same. Cleansing and de-cluttering as concepts are complimentary to the development of sustainable design as well."

Madhuvanti cherishes family and has a special affection for her grandparents – their love for each other being her greatest inspiration. Seeing her grandparents smile and enjoying their time together, people reconnecting or sharing or celebrating smaller moments in life – these make up Madhuvanti’s list of the little things that make her happy. With Steve Jobs and her grandparents being her role models in life, this was her reply on what happiness meant to her – “happiness is being able to express, create and being in touch with my inner self and with those who I can consider as close”. 

We are so excited to have these two lovely people as guests at our Online Party on Friday! :) RSVP here if you haven't already! 

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