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Making a Few Tails Wag with ResQ

June 24, 2017

ResQ helps cows in need

This June, we launched a collaboration that we are SO excited about. It's something that means the world to us and we're glad to see all the months of planning finally come to fruition!

Ever since Arture was incorporated, we knew we wanted to use this brand as a means to make a difference. We wanted to take things one step further. Our love for animals and our belief that fashion can be guilt-free, led us to ResQ. 

Rture's Collabration with ResQ Charitable Trust

ResQ is a not-for-profit animal charity, primarily based in Pune, India. They provide relief and rehabilitation for animals that face any kind of injury, physical or psychological abuse. They never turn away an animal in need, promote harmonious co-existence between animals and humans, and are working really hard to raise animal healthcare standards.

Aside from this, they also conduct awareness and education programs which focus on impacting society with respect to reducing human-animal conflict and conservation of the environment. 

Their cause resonated with us so deeply, and it was a perfect fit. 

Arture X ResQ

Now, when it came to structuring our collaboration, we knew what we didn't want. We didn't want a vague "a portion of your purchase goes towards a chartable cause", because we wanted our customers to understand exactly what their money is being used for. We wanted it to be something tangible, relatable and meaningful.

Together with ResQ, we came up with the perfect answer. Yes, a portion of every purchase on our website does go towards a charitable cause. But, on any product page, you will be able to see what exactly that particular purchase contributes to - be it medical care requirements like dressing scissors, bandages, antibiotic powders, or the feeding of little puppies and kittens being sheltered at ResQ. There is no ambiguity. 

Arture ResQ Collaboration - Arden Contribution

With every purchase, you are helping an animal in need!

A Little More about ResQ

ResQ was started in 2007 by Neha Panchamiya and Tanya Kane. The lack of a trauma emergency service for animals in the city of Pune both shocked and motivated them, and they decided to find a solution, rather than pointing fingers. Their direct involvement is what drove the organisation to what it is today.

ResQ has no limitations when it comes to the animals they treat. In the past, they have treated dogs, cats, cows, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, pigs, rabbits and several kinds of birds. In the last few years, they have even rehabilitated 9 rescued elephants. 

Rescue operation of a rabbit by ResQ, Pune

They stay true to the values they began with - bringing help at the grassroots level and being proactive. We commend and admire them for everything they are doing, and the huge impact they are bringing about for the furry-kind. ❤️

Browse our product range to see how your purchase could help. :) 

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