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    Arture Pockets : Meet Madhur

    Madhur is a singer-songwriter and blogger who writes about minimalism and sustainable living.
    He started his journey towards living more and consciously when he redid his wardrobe to make it more minimal.
    Arture has been in his wardrobe for some time now. This time, we were in his living room. We visited him in Pune, at his place. Here are our favourite parts, of our day with him.

    "Sustainability for me is a shift in our approach to life and being more aware and conscious of how we are impacting the environment around us and in what ways we can reduce that impact." 

    “A recent addition to my accessories is the Laya Key Case. It’s something I carry around at all times. It’s nice to not scratch things because of loose keys when you’re out and about.”

    Inspired to make better choices? Follow Madhur on Instagram or read his musings on thoughtful living on his blog.

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    June 04, 2021

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