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    Love knows no gender. Wallets don't either!

    Valentine's day is incomplete without gifting.  And gifting, it seems, is incomplete without aisles named 'For her' and 'For him'.  These aisles don't seem to do any harm at first glance, but unknowingly they impose labels on people. These prompt us to adhere to gender stereotypes we may not necessarily relate to.


    For example, a bag with bright colours and florals is 'meant' for women and something with deeper colours for men. But, why? And who's deciding? And why are they deciding for us?

    Gender is just the beginning. There are categories basis age, body-type and more. Some gifts are considered appropriate for each section of the society.

    If you walk into a store and ask for a gift for a middle-aged man with a son, how likely are you to get scented candle gift set? Or a bright coloured bag? Yet, for all, we know these may be an apt gift for that individual.
    That is the problem with stereotypes. While there is no denying that they hold true for masses, they do not leave room for individuality.

    Most importantly, stereotypes encourage us to make assumptions without knowing a person well enough. Stereotypes fall short when you get to know a person better.

    In a way, a gendered stereotypical gift is an impersonal gift. So, this Valentine’s Day, gift with more thought.

    We have created our wallets with individuals in mind - their needs, requirements, and styles, and not gender.
    Know someone who travels a lot? Give them our Cedar Passport sleeve.
    For someone who likes to keep it stylish, the teal Slim Kim Minimal Wallet will add a pop of colour. Gifting the person who loves to stay organized?  Our Laya Key case is perfect for the job!

    When you step away from stereotypes, you gift with more thought, and a better understanding of the individual, their interests and needs. Also, labels and filters are just a suggestion. Women love buying from the men's sections (read: boyfriends jeans) and men don't have to shy away from makeup and skincare anymore.

    Labels and filters are just that. They are just a way to organize information and are merely based on the masses and past records. And this 'mass' opinion also keeps changing over time. Faster for some businesses, while slower for others. Florals are almost a staple in men's closets today as suits in a woman's today. So, while the labels and sections at a store catch up, don't be shy to pick something from the other section.

    Don't take the 'her' and 'his' sections seriously. Pick whatever you want.

    A lot of our female users prefer 'men' wallets because it suits their needs better. And we love it. It tells us more about what users are looking for in a wallet and how is it changing over time.So, as we get ready for one of the most gendered day, don't forget it is also a day of love. Gift your special one, like you love them - without any thought of gender or age.

    Wallets don't discriminate. Gift without any labels and stereotypes, this Valentine’s Day. Pick a colour they like. Pick something that goes with their bag. Something that would fit in their pockets. Has enough room for their mess or enough sections for the organizing enthusiast that they are.

    Explore our wallets here.

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    And do tell us what you think about ungendered gifts below.
    Happy Wallentines Day to you!


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