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    Leather that doesn’t prick the planet: Meet Cactus Leather

    At Arture we work to create luxury accessories that don't harm the planet. A major part of that is using the right material. Cork has been our modern and sustainable alternative to traditional materials like leather and plastics.

    We're excited to introduce a whole new material to you today,
    all the way from Mexico.
    Cactus Leather!

    When we choose materials, it's important that being sustainable doesn't come as a compromise on design, durability or aesthetics. Our material must perform as well as traditional materials, if not better.

    Cactus Leather stands every test.

    It's vegan leather made from the Cactus plant, prickly pear. It's made sustainably in Mexico. The more we learnt about it, the more we loved it, and the clearer it became that we just had to bring it to our shelves, and your pockets!

    Cactus is a natural carbon sink. 

    It consumes minimal water, unlike regular leather that uses huge amounts of water for just production. Our material partners grow only USDA certified cactus grown in an organic farming system. This lets them regenerate the soil which is unfit for other plants as well.

    Most importantly, even though the material is made from the plant, it doesn't harm the plant. It's created by trimming mature leaves of the cactus plant, after which the plant continues growing. It's like giving the plant a haircut, and cactus being regenerative only benefits from the process. 

    In use, Cactus Leather is smooth and luxurious to touch, much like leather itself. From a distance, you can't tell a difference. Unlike leather, however, it's not treated with chemicals, harms animals or ends up in landfills.

    It can also last up to 10 years, is durable, biodegradable and bacteria and mildew resistant.

    We're using it to create multi-function utility pouches. We do however have big plans for this material. It's going places, around the world, and this is just the start.

    It's a truly modern material, made for the 21st century. A modern material that lets us steer away from age-old materials like leather and instead pick vegan, plant-based materials that are just as (if not more) good.

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