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    Know your roots: The trees of Chennai

    This year has kept us on our toes. With homes turning into home offices and schools, a lot of us have lesser times for ourselves. One may even say, we don't have time to stop and smell the roses. 

    The second half of Arture, stands for nature (Art+nature) and it's in our second nature to take a break, head out for a walk and go tree spotting.

    So we are taking you on a virtual tree walk with us. For our first edition, we start with our base, Chennai. Come, meet some green residents of our city: 

    First stop: A Rain Tree 

    Botanical name: Samanea saman 
    This is perhaps Chennai's most common tree. It’s said that the name originates from the fact that the leaves fold up during the rains, allowing the water to fall through the tree. 

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    Stretch your necks, a tall Palm is next 

    Botanical name: Cocos nucifera
    Like in rest of the coastal belt of India, you are sure to see many kinds of palms in Chennai, and often with coconuts. Fishtail palm, Royal palm and Palmyrah palm are some varieties. 

    What's cooking? It's a Tamarind tree 

    Botanical name: Tamarindus indica
    This tree is close not just to the heart but even the stomach's of the residents of Chennai - this is where we get puli from, an essential and flavourful ingredient of Sambhar.

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    Is that a rock, a beehive? No, it's a Jack tree.

    Botanical name: Artocarpus heterophyllusor
    One of the fruit-bearing trees of the city, this tree is hard to miss in the fruit season, given the huge size of the jack fruit. 

    Image Sourced from:

    Now, the good ol' Neem

    Botnical name: Azadirachta indica
    One of the most popular trees throughout the continent, it's found in most home compounds of Chennai. It's low maintenance and revered for medicinal properties. 

    Image Sourced

    What's that dropped all over the road? It's Trumpet flower! 

    Botanical name: Stenolobium stans
    Another flowering tree, this one gets its name from the shape of the flowers, somewhat resembling a trumpet. Spot these in orange, yellow and even pale red, around the city. 

    Image Sourced from:

    Chennai is home to hundreds of tree varieties and these are just a few. If like us, you too are a plant enthusiast do tell us varieties you have spotted in your city below! 

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