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    Keeping your pocket virus free

    The world is fighting a pandemic. And at this point, precaution and limiting spread is our best bet. While countries adopt a lockdown world-over, people step out only to buy essentials like groceries or medicines. It’s recommended we be wary when we do so - stay away from crowded places, be aware of surfaces you touch, wash hands immediately when you come home and more.

    Well, we have a soft spot for pockets. Our pockets are full of essentials like keys, phones, and of course wallets - items we carry with us whenever we venture out, even today.

    While spread due to touching surfaces is less compared to person-to-person spread, it is still important to maintain hygiene and sanitise surfaces regularly.

    Here are five tips:

    1. Sanitise your wallet after a trip outside: If you're using a cork wallet - a sanitiser and cloth wipe would to the trick. You can also use a wipe, damp it with soap water and use that to disinfect your wallet. Do a Google search to find out what works best for your material.

    2. Carry a smaller purse than usual: Avoid carrying a huge handbag or tote as that would be a larger surface to disinfect and be wary of while shopping. Create a pouch with only the essentials.

    3. Avoid contact payments as much as possible: Internet has aided us and helped us through several challenges of the lockdown. Payment is one area are it comes extremely handy in. Authorities recommend avoiding cash and cards, and using phone wallets and UPI payments as much as possible. Even when you use cash, leave the change behind to reduce contact.

    4. Keep your phone inside while shopping: Keep your phone and keys safely inside your pocket or wallet while shopping. Don't touch them before sanitising your hands and avoid unnecessary usage while you're out and touching other surfaces.

    5. Keep a sanitiser and tissues handy: Keep a small bottle of sanitiser handy. Use this when you step back in the car, before and after using a shopping cart and before using your phone to pay.

    Simple tips like this can avoid spread and getting the virus into our home. Apart from this, disinfect main door knobs, wash hands and avoid touching your faces, especially when you’re out.

    Even as lockdown eases, lets limit our trips outside. Let’s do our bit to reduce the pressure on healthcare workers. Sit back and relax at home, shop online, opt for contactless deliveries and stay informed.

    Wishing you all a good health!



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