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    Here's why you should never put your wallet in your back pocket

    What you carry in your back pocket, in addition to being extremely unflattering can be causing you the pain in your back that feels like a rodent nibbling at your spine. Carrying wallets in the back pocket is surprisingly widespread and dangerously under-diagnosed and quite frankly, needs to stop immediately.

    Understand that cramming your pockets to the very edge of their capacity is very unsightly and not pleasing to look at. Keeping the wallet in the back pocket and sitting on it for hours forces the pelvis and spine out of position, pinches your sciatic nerve and contributes to lower back pain. Besides that, it ruins the shape and structure of your clothes, and it makes all that hard work you did in choosing a good fit pointless. Needless to say, your back pocket is the worst place for your wallet to be. Here’s why,

    • Sitting with your wallet on your back will cause your pelvis to rise towards the protruding side of your pants. And to create a harmonious balance, your lower back will bend with it.
    Impact on hip bone because of putting wallet in back pocket
    • In efforts to counterbalance this issue, your mid back will curve towards the left to offer your eyes the perfect horizontal view of the world.
    • This will cause your right quadratus lumborum and other muscles on the right side to shorten and become actively inadequate.

    This greatly decreases the efficiency of your muscles and increases the stress on your right sacroiliac joint.

    • Meanwhile, the left side of your pelvis and the muscles that form the part lengthen and become passively inefficient.
    • The muscles on the left side of your mid back shorten, causing excruciating pain.
    Back pain because of a wallet in back pocket
    • Adding to this, right-sided spinal stabilisers will get over-stretched and decrease your postural endurance.

    Here’s how you can prevent this harrowing habit from messing up your back,

    Take some time to get rid of all the garbage from your wallet, preferably so that your wallet fits in your front pocket. The loose change, old receipts, unwanted cards, and other bits and pieces. Carry only the essentials and if your wallet is a little too bulky, go one step further to opt for a cardholder or a slimmer wallet. Also, spread the wealth by evenly distributing the contents into more than one pocket. Ideally, use your front pockets and not the back ones.

    Slim vegan wallet by Arture thats fits easily in the front pocket

    If hoarding around your keys is causing your pocket to bulk, install a few hooks by your front door at home and leave the extra keys there. Use a small pouch to hold all the extras, that includes headphones, charging cables etc. If possible, invest in a masculine tote or a sling bag. Your back will thank you.

    This article was contributed by Janardhan Pokala. Coming from the world of advertising, he's now on a quest to spread the message of veganism, compassion and love. He enjoys cycling, lifting and sitting by himself with a book and tea. Check out his work here

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