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    Happiness through the Lens

    Bhumika - Photographer and nature enthusiast for Arture
    Radiating a gentleness like we’ve never seen before, Bhumika’s soul is seen through her art. A photographer by profession, with portraiture forming a large part of her work, she loves animals and nature – the two things that she says she loves conversing about. 

    “Being surrounded by nature is very important to me – that’s where I gain a lot of inspiration for my work. However, pets teach us more about love than any person or thing” she tells us, adding that it is animals that made her understand the true meaning of unconditional love sans expectations. Acts of humanity warms Bhumika’s heart and really puts a smile on her face. She finds it hard to recognize selfless deeds in this day and age, and so whenever she comes across little acts of kindness, her day is made.

    “Also, let’s not forget food and sleep” she adds on a fun note about the things that make her happy. Bhumika draws her artistic inspirations from Tim Burton and Florence Welch – whose art she calls ethereal, demonstrating an inquisitive and appreciative love for nature, eccentric characters, and discarded objects that serve as windows into dreamlike visions of other people’s lives (now that’s a description we are totally loving).

    “From what I can gather, they reflect human experiences that will allow the spectator to reflect their own journey. And that’s what I try to portray in my art as well.” Check out her work here.

    After having collaborated with her on one of the most fun shoots we have ever done (pictures will be posted soon), we are honoured to have Bhumika as one of the speakers at Arture's online party this week. RSVP to the event and be there to get a chance to interact with this wonderful artist! 

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