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    Find a reason to embrace Sustainability

    The two of 'Two's Company' Sudarshana and Veena are sustainability enthusiasts and two best friends who graduated from NIFT - Chennai. While being semi-lazy and happy-go-lucky millennials, they also developed a strong sense of frustration towards our current lifestyle, compassion towards the environment and empathy towards people. They began a journey to find relatable, accessible and affordable sustainable way of living and document the same on their blog 'Two's Company'. After writing a blog on 'the zero waste wedding', we're glad to have the duo back, writing a second guest blog for us. :) 

    What is sustainability? Ask this question to people around you and the most common answer would be 'Protecting/Saving the environment'. And for the most part of it, the answer is right but does that mean someone who does not find a connect with nature cannot find a connect with sustainability? Well, the answer to that is you can literally find a connect with anything to find a connect with sustainability. A holistic approach taken towards creating awareness on sustainability would help a lot more people become conscious consumers. Here are a few reasons why we think you should embrace a more sustainable lifestyle : 


    We could find a lot of people who don't have a particular fondness towards the environment but only a handful who do not care about their own well being. Approaching these individuals with the aspect of how sustainability helps you lead a healthier lifestyle would result in a much higher conversion rate. Apart from all the direct illnesses that sustainability would help prevent they indirectly tackle a lot of diseases purely due to the nature of their maintenance.

    Since sustainable products are often not treated with harmful processes/chemicals they need to be taken care of well, take the example of a bamboo straw - You would need to remember to take the straw everywhere, to clean it after every use, dry it every time it's cleaned and so on. Every sustainable product helps you get out of the current convenience based world we live in. The care required for each product pushes our physical and mental utility resulting in better memory, more active lifestyle (no gym sessions required) and so on.


    Saying sustainable products help you save money is like saying the sun rises in the east. Purely due to the nature of reusability and reducibility of sustainable products, although the initial acquisition cost may be higher, over a period of time this very nature helps you save money. These products have to be made better, purer, fair traded etc. in order to be truly sustainable and reusable but are way more cost efficient in the longer run than the current majority of throw-away products. Also, who doesn't love travelling? So save and travel!

    Sustainable lifestyle - say no to plastic bottles

    Materialistic dependency:

    Do we buy products or do products buy us? Apart from reusability, sustainability helps us surround ourselves with fewer and better products. It helps our mind and body distinguish between the things we need and the things we want. Over a period of time, you choose less, buy well and make it last. You would own everything in your world but nothing in the world can own you.

    Local Bussiness/ Groups:

    Sustainability and buying local goes hand in hand. Every time you invest in a sustainable product you support your local economy and artisans/ workmen. You help uplift small businesses, local art/craft (often dying), culture and people. Indirectly you even take on an issue that is currently plaguing the whole earth - Bridging the gap between the highest and lowest income groups. If you knew that every product from a big/mass/fast manufacturing company helps a rich person become richer and a poor person become poorer what would you pick?

    Sustainable living - Arture Vegan wallets

    Going back to our roots:

    Sustainability is not rocket science. For whatever reason, India follows a lot of sustainable practices and growing up here you would not have missed a chance to experience them. Adopting these practices now help us embrace our roots, learn more about our culture and practices and connects us to our past.

    Find new friends:

    The sustainability circle is currently small but is filled with open-minded, fun and loving people. Anyone who wants to try out a sustainable practice is welcome with open arms and its a given promise to make new friends, most of them for life.

    Conscious shopping discussion in Chennai

    These are some of the common reasons that would appeal to anyone to support a sustainable lifestyle. Find your reason.

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