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    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 : Let's Demand Change

    They’re called Fashion Revolution and that is exactly what they have been doing, day by day, year by year, since 2013. In a world where it is still seen as normal to wear and promote fashion that is unfair to people and the ecological system, Fashion Revolution dives headfirst into promoting wearables that have been made in a ‘safe, clean and fair way’.

    You only have to take a look at their manifesto to understand that they mean business. Their compassionate line of thought has been pushing them to ask brands the question #WhoMadeMyClothes and inspire an entire generation to demand for radical transparency. They make it a commitment to not promote clothes or brands that exploit people or cause harm to the planet. They discuss fundamental issues in supply chains that need to be brought to light. 

    Fashion Revolution'19 Quote for Slow Fashion

    The story of how they started revolutionising fashion dates back to 2013. Following an industrial disaster that claimed the lives of hundreds of people, Fashion Revolution was convened. Since then, they have gone on to question, stand up and demand a change when necessary. It’s hard to find a movement as consistent and impactful.

    All of us love fashion and dressing up, but do we really know who made the clothes we wear, what effort goes into it and how much they got paid for it? That is what Fashion Revolution aims to change. 

    I made your Vegan Arture bag

    Fashion Revolution is striving to make better living conditions, healthier work environments and fair wages the norms in the fashion industry. As they grow each year, tackling more and bigger issues, they know just what we need to work on and it is the welcome change the world needs.

    One line from their manifesto reads ‘from conception to creation to catwalk’, and it is one of the most liberating things to read. Fashion could become the voice of the unheard is something we can all learn from Fashion Revolution. The goal and the vision to provide a dignified work environment, transparency and fair wages goes beyond the cause of fashion. It extends humanity into fashion like no other thought.

    Anyone who’s trying to work their way up deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. Fashion Revolution is stirring a whirlwind in that area and is a proud champion of all these causes.

    One particular campaign from Fashion Revolution has always held special meaning. Called ‘Loved Clothes Last’, the campaign makes you want to believe and respect recycling. One of their many tags on the campaign read “Clothes worth wearing are worth repairing”. No other line has thrown so much emphasis on the respect creators of fashion deserve.

    Talking of respect to fashion and its creators, we owe due credit to what fashion is made out of itself. While we cannot speak for every brand there is, it is an established fact that every product at Arture is made from one of the toughest, most resilient materials. The bags, wallets and pouches are all made from cork. We say the word cork and our mind immediately wanders to a bottle of wine. But that isn’t all cork can do. It’s tough, resilient, anti-fungal, fireproof and what not?

    Durable and easy to care Sustainable men's wallet by  Arture

    If there’s one way you want to make sure your fashion lasts, it is important you put a lot of love into making them. Love for the cause, love for the work, love for the art and love for fashion itself.

    Loved clothes last. Loved wallets last, too. Always choose materials and products that were built to last, in styles that you know you'll love for a long time to come. Ask the right questions. Demand transparency. The people who are the backbone of the fashion industry deserve respect. 

    If there’s one thing to take away from this, it is that no matter what you choose to be or wear, you can do it responsibly. It is a conscious, personal choice and brands like these are paving the way already.

    This article was contributed by Janardhan Pokala. Coming from the world of advertising, he's now on a quest to spread the message of veganism, compassion and love. He enjoys cycling, lifting and sitting by himself with a book and tea. Check out his work here

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