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Fashion for Good : 3 Easy Ways to Make More Conscious Style Choices

January 11, 2019

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Most of us mindlessly buy more stuff than we’ll ever need. And most of that stuff doesn't last more than a few years before getting thrown away. In fact, most of the choices we make aren’t very sustainable, and the very thought of building a sustainable wardrobe from scratch seems daunting. Every year, millions of tons of clothing end up in the landfill, most of which are made from artificial fabrics that don't biodegrade. So they remain as such for thousands of years. What can we do about it? A lot, in fact. Every penny we spend is invested in building the type of future we wish to leave behind for the future generations. By simply altering our shopping habits and paying attention to what we buy, we could create a considerable difference and pave way for a sustainable future that is mindful about its choices. What follows are 3 best tips that will help you shop more sustainably.

Seek Information:

Every year a staggering 150,000,000,000 clothes are produced. Their impact on the society, environment and economy are almost never talked about. Almost 100 million trees are being cut down every year, the emissions from the fashion industry account for around 10% of the world’s total carbon footprint. It is also a less known fact that it takes around 700 gallons of water to produce one T-shirt. In order to keep up with the demand for inexpensive clothes, brands have willingly or unwillingly embraced and exemplified artificial fabrics. The race to offer the cheapest and the most stylish designs have enabled these brands to opt for cheap labour in unsafe working conditions. This has caused the fashion industry to become one of the most unsustainable/environmentally-damaging industries on the face of the planet.

Arture - Fashion Revolution 2018

Choose the Right Material:

One of the most important choices you make will be the material you choose. Be aware of the cruelty-laden materials like leather, wool, fur and feathers, and environmentally damaging options like polyester and nylon. Always opt for natural and organic fabrics whenever possible, and avoid clothes that were created synthetically in labs using petroleum and various other chemicals. These fabrics, apart from polluting the Earth’s lands and waters, will leave you feeling like a sweaty mess. Try all-natural fabrics like cotton, jute hemp, cork and such to work towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

Arture - Sustainable and Vegan accessories from cork

Shop Less. Shop Better. Shop Local (whenever possible):

Shop for clothes of superior quality, that are made to last. One of the most difficult things can be identifying where to shop. Do a little investigative work, and identify brands you love. Once you’ve discovered brands that resonate with you, you'll have a plethora of options to choose from. Invest in impeccably made high-quality pieces that will last decades, rather than clothes that will hardly make it through the laundry. Pick plenty of versatile pieces that can be styled differently, rather than outfits you know are going to be out of trend before the season ends.

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Like every lifestyle change you make, planning to build a sustainable wardrobe can be troubling at first. But as you ease into it and educate yourself thoroughly, you’ll come to the realisation that it isn’t very complicated. Because convenience wouldn’t matter as we realise that it is not fashionable to f*ck up the planet.
This article was contributed by Janardhan Pokala. Coming from the world of advertising, he's now on a quest to spread the message of veganism, compassion and love. He enjoys cycling, lifting and sitting by himself with a book and tea. Check out his work here

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