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    What does it mean to be a Flexitarian?

    Faltering on your vegan promise? There's no need to feel guilty.

    We've all heard the term vegan, and it's left some of us inspired to do the right thing by the planet. However, for some others, the all in or all out attitude is slightly intimidating. To the point where they'd rather be all out! How does this help the cause or the planet, we were wondering. That's when it struck. The idea of flexibility, the concept of being with the cause, but adapting it to your everyday life. It's been termed a 'flexitarian diet'. The word play is novel, to be honest. 

    Eco Anxiety is real, and so many of us are feeling it these days. We think it’s important not to beat yourself up for not being able to make a sudden shift to a lifestyle you’re not used to. It is not easy to change habits that have been wired into us for years on end. Some people make the transition with a lot more ease than others and we commend them!! It's just that you or anyone else who cannot make that 100% commitment just yet need not be deterred from the cause itself. We think it’s great to start with small steps so you’re not overwhelmed. Here are a few things you can do to help consciously reduce meat consumption. 

    Put meatless Mondays into practice

    You don't have to starve yourself on meat or dairy products to be considered a conscious person. The idea is to simply reduce the amount consumed intentionally. Pushing yourself to have all vegan meals all the time can make it less than easy for some of us. 
    It is also a question of accessibility. Not all of us get fresh farm produces or vegan dining options that are easily available. That doesn't mean we don't have a way to contribute to the cause. Even if you consume meat or dairy, try make sure it comes from small, sustainable businesses. 
    The practice of limiting meat eating can be made easier if you stay true to yourself and promise to reduce it. Meatless Mondays is a great practice that's come into play. Scores of people have been following it and it comes with surprising benefits for the body as well. 

    Start getting creative in the kitchen 

    The best way to eat food is when you're excited about it. Think about times when you've tried out a fun recipe just for the heck of it. Come to talk of it, it's quite interesting to learn about what goes into the food your eat and owning planning your meals. Talk about Adulting. 
    Get creative with the pulses and grains in the kitchen. Experiment with vegetables. Start consuming more greens. Discover new recipes. You'd end up surprising yourself. There are some really creative recipes meatless kurmas or meatless gravies. 

    Having fun with meals

    Try to completely avoid processed and red meat 

    While these seem like a tempting option, they spell disaster for your health. Beyond that, it's a true fact that we consume a lot more meat than it is being produced. It does seem more than unfair that we have to slaughter more than usual number of animals to simply satisfy our greed. 
    Stick to eating white meat or maybe even fish meat. If you are a person who consumes fish, do NOT buy canned products. They come from completely unsustainable fishing practices. Try to gradually curb your every day consumption. Wait till you get to the point where you can last an entire day without meat. There's no need to push yourself too hard. 

    Try pseudo meat

    Try mimicking the flavours of a meat gravy. Use soy sauce or other condiments that greatly enhance the taste of your food. Try consuming fibrous vegetables that can adapt to the taste of the flavors. Potatoes are a prime example. 
    Tomatoes on the other hand, have a savory taste of their own and can be a great addition to the food you make. There's also tofu or vegan meat that taste just as great and cause nearly no harm. Try them out. 
    Try pseudo meat for a flexitarian diet It's easy to think one person cannot make a difference. It's also the universal cheat code. Think about a situation where every person chooses to think the other way around. A little effort is always better than no effort at all. 
    That's why a flexitarian diet could be the best way you start contributing to the cause and yet don't pressurize yourself. To some, it could just be skipping meat on one day, to some others it could be a meatless meal everyday. Whatever the route, remember to take pride in the fact that you are being conscious for you, for innocent animals and for the planet. With that, the table is set and we're signing off. 

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