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    Ever heard of an ecosystem along the coast?

    We all know it as the beach - a fun place to be. The waves frolicking at our feet and the sand leaving a tingle between our toes. Think of those cool, breezy evenings that you munched on a beach snack and stood by the waves. Would it be possible to expand your vision and look at it as something much bigger? An ecosystem that needs us to help it sustain? A haven for us and a habitat for some other species, beaches are not just beautiful. 

    We have 3 major oceans surrounding us and it wouldn’t hurt to know what role they play in keeping the planet balanced. A coastal ecosystem is a habitat for a variety of animals and plants. Just like any other ecosystem, if anything goes wrong, it leads to a chain of reactions. We’ve all been hearing about the rising sea levels, climate change and ocean temperature impacting ecosystems. You know who else impact ecosystems? We do. 

    Coastal ecosystem

    If we were to take a breather and see what ecosystems exist around the coast- coral reefs, estuaries, fisheries are all part of the coastal ecosystem. Imagine if every person who dropped a bottle in the ocean said “It's just the one bottle.” Imagine 1 billion people saying it and dropping a bottle each. See where we’re going wrong? The responsibility lies in every one of our hands. 

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    If preserved properly, a coastal ecosystem has the potency one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Right now, every part of it is under severe stress thanks to us and these lush ecosystems are losing their ability to provide. The alarms are ringing loud and clear, if you’ve bought a fish and found plastic in its belly, you’d know. 

    Imagine taking a little accountability for your actions today, imagine being able to walk on the beach without bits of grime getting caught on your feet. Imagine not putting your future in an infinite loop of scarcity. Imagine giving ourselves a second chance.

    A walk by the beach

     This article was contributed by Janardhan Pokala. Coming from the world of advertising, he's now on a quest to spread the message of veganism, compassion and love. He enjoys cycling, lifting and sitting by himself with a book and tea. Check out his work here 

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