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    Colour story | The who's hue of a cactus forest

    Last year, we introduced our very first Cactus Leather products. One of our most innovative and new-age materials, Cactus leather came in three colours.

    Ebony, Forest, and Berry - A sunlit black, rich moss green, and deep maroon.

    Cactus leather is made in Mexico. It's a plant-based leather that doesn't harm the cactus plant. It's created by trimming mature leaves, after which the plant continues growing. It's like giving the plant a haircut, and cactus being regenerative only benefits from the process. It's just as smooth, and luxurious as regular leather. But it's a world apart from leather that's made from animal skin. It's anti-bacterial, more durable and vegan.

    We wanted these differences to shine out when we chose colours for Cactus leather. We wanted the colours to be representative of this new age plant-based material.

    Regular leather is often seen in browns and tans, given the source of that material. Just like that, we wanted the inspiration for cactus leather to be the place where it comes from. A dense forest of prickly pear.

    Forest - The cactus green is different from other greens in the natural world. It's seasoned and tanned by the desert. Our colour Forest is inspired by that desert green. It's representative of a rich, dense forest. A large field of succulents in a dessert. A reminder of where your accessory comes from.

    Berry - A sprout of red. A desert flower. A sunburn. A blush. Berry represents the colours of prickly pear. The deep red growths of succulents. This isn't a field of lavender of daffodils. Instead, it's an occasional growth of colour, that leaves you by surprise. A deep red, where you were not expecting it, hiding in the succulent.

    Ebony - The darkness and depths of forest are represented by Ebony. It's a dark hue but lights up in the sun. It reflects light, and the sun bounces off it. Just like the tapestry of a forest. It balances the reds and greens on the pouch just like it would in a forest.

    Nature offers us an endless colour palette. And endless solutions to live a more sustainable life. It's on us to pick up our explorers hats and be on a lookout for inspiration.

    Explore our Cactus Leather products here.


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