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    Change for good: Meet a new Arture

    Sustainability is changing meaning. What it meant to care for the environment in the last decade, is different from where it stands today. Sustainability decisions are no more limited to multi-country conferences, but have moved to your living room, your shopping list. 

    As we gear for a new decade, and and a new kind of sustainability, we decided to take a new shape. Over the last 4 years, we’ve evolved into a modern, minimal accessories brand - one that we always envisioned ourselves as. If you think about it, by definition accessories means something extra, something additional. Yet, we claim to be minimal and functional. How? Arture speaks to a new generation of conservationists, looking to live minimally, but well, It’s not about letting go of things we love any more, but elevating them to something more wonderful-for both yourself, and the environment. Accessories needn’t be done away with, but must be elevated to meet the needs to 2020. So, we present to you, our new logo :

    Arture logo 2020

    From the very start we created visually appealing yet elemental accessories made entirely of cork, sourced from the Mediterranean. Arture stands for a deep bond with nature, by employing all-natural materials in the production and packaging of its product. These are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, and do additional good to the society. 

    And as we grow, spread branches and take root, it’s time to turn a new leaf.
    It’s now time for us to look the part.

    Vegan Card Case India

    As a brand we have the same stories to tell as before, only in better words. We have the same business, only more experience. Green is still our favourite colour, but now we’re better designed. 4 years on since it was first launched, we’ve come away with lessons and learnings on what our customers value in our products and what they’re looking for. And along the way, began to see ourselves in a new light – as the producer of nifty, practical, yet forever sustainable products to better your everyday lives. 

    And what started as a dream, is now translating into a vision. A more pointed and funnelled approach towards making a difference. As we change our visual identity, we are also refining our product range. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be concentrating on wallets and money-pouches. Why these? Because we had the most fun creating these, and we were able to create the most value and impact with these by reaching more users. So, the spotlight now is on your pockets. And we’re in the business of making pockets more sustainable than ever. 

    We don’t think of this as a rebranding in the traditional sense. We aren’t changing what we stand for, only standing for it more. We’ve grown more focused towards making the world we live in, a little better. We’re excited to begin this new journey, and interact with the world via a new identity. Expect more from us - more cork products, more partnerships and initiatives, more allies and team members - to be more Arture.

    Cork Leather Wallets in India

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