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    Get on Santa's 'nice' list: How to have a sustainable Christmas

    Christmas has a way of getting everyone in the festive spirit. Whether you go to the church or not, whether it snows where you live or not, the Christmas cheer spreads all across. From carols getting stuck in your head, to end of year discounts, ugly sweaters, decorations and of course, Secret Santa!
    One of the most iconic traditions of the festival is associated with gifting. Put it in a stocking or under a tree, gifts are the most looked forward to, this season. It brings out a child in us all, unwrapping a box of shimmery paper.

    Festivity, however, comes part in parcel with excess and flamboyance. In most cultures and societies, the only way to celebrate is to celebrate in excess - excess in presents, food, decorations - the more it is, the better the celebration. However, at Arture we believe that today, in the 21st century, festivity and celebrations have shifted meanings.

    sustainable gifting

    It's not about more, it's about being meaningful.

    A celebration can be minimal. It can be about celebrating what we already have, about the world around us, and the responsibility we hold towards it.

    And while it's the thought that counts, lets spare a thought for the planet too.

    We like to think of this as an eco-conscious cheer. Sustainable choices while celebrating can spread cheer too, in fact to more lives than just ours.
    Here are some ideas on how to be sustainable 'tis season.
    1. Make a new year resolution. Start with small changes. Swap plastic wrapping with newspaper, plastic decorations with paper ones and send e-mails or letters on recycled paper instead of store-bought, mass-produced cards.
    2. Presents. We all buy presents for our loved ones. But it's a festival for all.
    So spread some cheer, where it is usually absent. Gift, volunteer and donate towards causes and to those in need.

    Vegan Men's Wallet

    3. Think about the loving four-legged creatures around you too. Give them a Christmas treat and warm clothing. Be as good as Santa is to his reindeers!
    4. Gift sustainably: Put thought into making gifts useful, long-lasting and sustainable. Instead of hoarding on single-use or mass-produced products, choose from local brands which are doing good. Explore Arture's range, in case you're looking to gift someone a sleeve, wallet, case etc. It's made sustainable from 100% natural cork.

    We're already doing our bit to get on the planet's 'nice' list. If you think you've been naughty, 'tis the season to change. After all, believe in Santa or not, the North Pole is real and the crisis on our planet is real.

    So gift the planet a sustainable festive season.

    A Christmas miracle is just a few good choices away.

    Join us as we celebrate the holidays, the Arture way - Minimal, meaningful and merry.

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