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    Arture's Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    This Valentine’s Week, we asked everyone on our team about their favourite Arture products and here’s what they had to say!

    Rishika (Arture’s Official Photographer) :

    "Valentine's Day isn't an extravagant scene for me. It's more just me sending a cute text to my people letting them know how much I love and appreciate them being in my life. The one Arture product I’d love to give or receive would be the Reilly Card Case in Terrain. Because it’s so functional, and that texture.”

    Vegan cork card case

    Janardhan (The wonderful person who’s been writing our guest blogs) :

    "I'm a huge fan of heartfelt letters and appreciations. Hence the Cork Notebook is a no brainer in my opinion. As a writer, I believe that ideas are so fragile, and when I need to nourish them, by penning them down, it brings me tremendous joy to realise that the notebook I'm writing down on, didn't contribute to the destruction of the planet, for love can never destroy.”

    Cork Vegan journal by Arture

    Disha (Our Creative Assistant) :

    "This day of love to me is about celebrating every form of love be it towards nature or people. And I think the Aki Compact wallet is a gift that cannot go wrong for anyone."

    Sustainable Cork Vegan compact wallet by Arture

    Aparrna (Our Graphic Designer) :

    “Valentine's Day for me is to celebrate my loved ones. And that’s not just restricted to my partner. I’m proud to say that I’m a conscious consumer. It really matters to me how ethical is the brand I use. My favourite picks for this occasion from Arture are the Kim Clutch Wallet, Cedar Passport Sleeve and Skye Mac sleeve. They are just simple and ergonomic. They easily organise my work and travel, and I’d love to give my loved ones that joy too!”

    Vegan Sustainable passport sleeve by Arture

    Shivani (Our Founder) :

    “I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s Day person but I do believe that if you’re given one more opportunity to remind your loved ones (no matter who they are) how much they mean to you, then why not? :slightly_smiling_face: As gifts, I’d pick the Slim Kim in Terrain or the Gale Slimfold in Olive!”

    Cork classic Slimfold men's wallet by Arture

    So, which Arture product would you choose for your loved ones? And in case you’ve forgotten to order a gift, just choose one day delivery at checkout and we’ll make sure it reaches you on time. :)


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