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    Arture Pockets : Our customer, Anjanakshi shares her experience

    Meet Anjanakshi, a sustainability fangirl, an admirer of all things well-designed and part of Arture's user community. 

    We spoke with her to understand her experience with Arture and her thoughts on sustainable fashion. Here's how it went down:

    Get to know Anjanakshi 
    She is a fashion enthusiast and has an eye for good craft and design. Always on the look out for something that satisfies her aesthetic. 

    The cost of sustainability?
    A world traveller, Anjanakshi has always tried to steer clear of leather, from brands around the world. However, she often felt that this came at a cost. She had to compromise on the visual appeal or the quality just because it was a sustainable or vegan product. It had been hard to get the best of both worlds. 

    How did she get to know about Arture? 
    Her fiancé gifted her our Reilly Card Case in Blue. What caught her eye was that it was aesthetic, stylish, minimal, but not bland - all this while being vegan and cruelty-free! 

    What did she love about her Arture accessory ?
    Two things:

    Durability. Anjanakshi tells us that it's been more than a year and a half since she has carried this card case everywhere with her, in multiple bags, against keys, combs and makeup. It's not worn out and still looks new. 

    Space. While it's a card case, she is also able to store cash in it. It also gets her many compliments :D 

    Her next Arture product
    Anjankashi is excited to get her hands on Ember. "I am drawn to the fact that it fits all pockets. And that zip closure. It's bigger than a case, but just as compact and sleek", she says. 
    We agree :) 

    Her final words for Team Arture
    "It's not every day that a product that is functional and fashionable comes along. A wallet is an important accessory. You use it every day and see it often. Every time, it's a reminder of the person who gifted it. And a reminder of the values, like sustainability, that you stand for. Arture does all that for me"

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