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    Arture Pockets: Meet Juhi

    Lockdown has been a long movie interval, and we can't wait to get the reels going back again. It's even worse for a filmmaker who loves to travel. Juhi Sharma talks to us about her lockdown feels and her equally nomadic, Cedar Passport Sleeve.

    Us: Being someone for whom travel is such an integral part of your regular life, what’s it like being locked down?

    Juhi:  Like Passenger said, ‘You only know you love her when you let her go’. I’ve developed a genuine sense of gratitude for all the experiences I’ve had so far and I know to not take another flight for granted again.

    Us: What have been your biggest learnings during this phase if any?

    Juhi: I have realised I’m not an easy person to live with. Haha. I have wants, needs and mood swings. I am also grateful for the ones who are bearing with me.

    Juhi is speaking our mind. Lockdown is a time when we all oscillate between patience and frustration. But, one common word that comes up, again and again, is gratitude. There was so much we never had to think or worry about. Gratitude for being able to travel, enter a foreign land, hug new friends, and take your passport sleeve places without having to sanitize it. We're hoping for this interval to end soon. 

    Take a look at Juhi's Instagram here.

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