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    Arture Pockets : Bhumika's Tips for Isolation

    We spent an evening with Bhumika who is a photographer and her adorable dog, Speedy, last month.  Post that, with India being in lockdown due to COVID-19, we caught up over Whatsapp and talked about self-isolating and how she makes it click for her. 

    Tip 1: Routine routine routine

    We’re all starting to forget what day it is. And it may feel like it doesn’t even matter. But it helps to plan your day out - so you have enough time to not just be productive but also sleep and rest well- something that’s taking a hit these days. Here is what Bhumika says,

    “So I begin my day with some 10 surya namaskars, proceed with coffee, make some breakfast, do the laundry, water the plants, clean dishes.

    Around noon, post lunch, I start with mediating. Around 3:00 , I watch some TV, at about 4:30, start prepping for dinner and evening coffee.

    I have dinner by 7:00, play games on my iPad and try to sleep by 12 max . Trying to sleep earlier though.”

    Tip 2: Work regularly and try something new.

    It may feel like we have all the time in the world but procrastination is easy in times like this. Bringing in some consistency can help us get work done. This is also a good time to try something new. Bhumika’s portraits are very popular, but she is using this time to do something different.

    “That’s an everyday thing. I’m photographing something way outside my genre in photography, which is quite interesting and gives me a new perspective on my own work and people and things I see everyday. Rest assured, I’m not taking portraits. Haha.”

    Tip 3: And it’s okay to struggle to create during this time. Here’s what you can do…

    It’s okay to not be at our most productive and creative selves while a pandemic is going on. But looking at work that inspires us can not only make us want to create but also lift our spirits. Talking to other creators also helps.

    “Even I had this issue when the lockdown started. I had a chat with a fellow photographer in Delhi and we discussed ideas.

    He is currently doing live sessions on Instagram around 9:00 PM everyday, where he opens a photo book and flips through it.

    It just might help for people who are struggling. It’s a nice visual treat. So, talk. Talk to your fellow photographers and artists around you.”

    Tip 4: Spend time with loved ones 

    We have more time on our hands than before and fewer distractions. We are also isolated. So it’s time to hold out dear ones closer-  spend more quality time with them and if they are a pet like Speedy, give them lots of belly rubs, and maybe play a new game?

    “We are trying to train her every day. So that’s a new activity for her. She now sits now when we say so.

    She’s just LAZY. (Okay, we relate with Speedy now) She was quite shocked seeing Karthi (Bhumika's husband) spending so much time at home all of a sudden. :D”

    It’s not an easy time for anyone. And we hope we will all come out of this soon, stronger, and healthier. Till then, lets turn to our fellow creators, our loved ones, be thankful that the planet is healing and that it will be greener the next time we step outside. 

    Want to see what Bumika captures? Head over to her Instagram page. 
    Bhumika has been using our Reilly Card Case since 2016 and is sure to take it everywhere she goes!


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