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    Arture Pockets : Meet Aditya

    This week we visited Aditya Patel at his home in Chennai. Aditya’s a globally recognised racing driver. Another race he is into, is the one to save the planet, and make it a more sustainable place for all. He has supported Arture from the very beginning and in a big way. He was with us at the start line too, back in 2015 during our crowdfunding campaign. 

    He recently co-founded the X1 Racing League. He told us about how he travels a lot, and Arden Minimal Wallet, is his go-to for this purpose. A look at his wallet and you know it’s been through a lot, and it holds A LOT - more than we thought was possible! Still in great shape, and Aditya is not parting with it anytime soon. 

    We’re just going to go ahead and say that Aditya, your support and belief in Arture get our hearts racing! Want to know more about Aditya? You can follow him on Instagram here. Get the wallet that Aditya has here.

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