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    Arture at the Responsible Fashion Summit, 2018

    Few weeks ago, I was contacted and asked if Arture would be interested in exhibiting at the Responsible Fashion Summit. Of course, I grabbed the opportunity with open arms.

    On the 4th of July, I was in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to represent Arture at this Summit and the experience was amazing. Arture’s display was right at the entrance, alongside Eco Spindles, Raux brothers and Smart Fibre. 

    The event started at about 9 PM and went on until 3 PM. There were talks and discussions happening through the day, each one bringing so much value to the Summit. I was also pleased to see a lot of representation from India! The first panel discussion included David Abraham of Abraham & Thakore, speaking a lot about Indian arts and crafts getting lost and how sustainability involves reviving those and giving due credit to the artisans.

    Arture vegan accessories display at Sri Lanka
    One of the sessions was also by the lovely Nonita Kalra, editor of Harper’s Bazaar, India. Her talk was very insightful and opened up a much-needed discussion about the role and responsibility of media and publications to bring sustainable fashion to the forefront and give it the attention it needs, in order to bring a significant change in the industry. 

    The sessions covered a vast variety of topics, ranging from the perspective of fashion students, design houses, manufacturers, as well as the media. It was a 360-degree view on the challenges as well as opportunities for sustainable and responsible fashion to become the norm. 

    It was such an honour to be a part of this event, and meet such interesting and inspiring people. 

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