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    How Do Arture Wallets Help Animals?

    From day 1, we knew that we were out to make a difference with our brand. We advocate compassion towards animals with our every product and we’d only be happy to partner with other brands that do the same.

    One such NGO is ResQ. If the name doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, their actions and cause will. ResQ is a non-profit charity organization run for animals and their work was too precious to not be associated with.

    ResQ provides medical aid and rehabilitation for animals that have been subjected to abuse or adversity in any form (physical or otherwise). They’re the ones that really go out there, go all the way and help innocent fur babies.

    ResQ team on-site  to save an  animal

    Although there are many humans who harbor nothing but love and care for animals, some of us forget to treat these 4 legged creatures with kindness. Such is the apathy that the little ones have no voice of their own to address this. ResQ has volunteered to be their voices and we at Arture are going to do all we can to champion their cause.

    Every purchase you make at Arture will help an animal that is in dire need of care and supplies. Be it as simple a thing as buying their next meal for a litter of pups, to arranging medical requirements for a sick animal, there’s so much we can do when we join hands.

    Arture donates to resQ

    Browse through our website to know exactly where your purchase will be used by ResQ under the ResQ tab.

    Every life on earth deserves to be treated with nothing but respect and compassion. Arture was started in a bid to reduce the blood shed by animals. No fashion is worthy of a life being lost and we know for sure that ResQ is one brand that would heartily agree.

    We’re proud of this association and of the contribution ResQ has been making. Brand Arture is thankful for all that they do and we’re glad we have been given a small part to play as well.

    Change beings in the heart and can sometimes go as far as your shopping cart. Go ahead and load up, you’re going to be doing two good things by buying one wallet from us!

    “Thank you to the incredible folks at Arture for your unwavering faith and support in RESQ Charitable Trust! Our mission at RESQ is to create a world that is free of unnecessary animal suffering – and your support is enabling us to do just that! Every purchase made on Arture goes towards helping an animal in need, and giving a voice to the thousands of overlooked, abandoned, and homeless animals in Pune. THANK YOU for helping us give them the love, support and warmth they so desperately need!” - The ResQ Team

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