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    Are business cards still in business?

    In an age where people exchange social media handles and connect on LinkedIn, does the ancient business card still hold its ground? Most business experts say, yes!

    Paper in business has reduced by multi-folds. And we're thankful. While fax and paper mail are easily replaced by their digital (and more economical) counterparts, there is something about the tiny, efficient business card that is still irreplaceable.

    Here's why business cards are still doing the rounds:

    1. Gets the job done quickly

    One would think that people of the 21st century exchange numbers emails, or social handles to network. But actually, it's a bit cumbersome to do it in person. You'd have to take down their number, or search for their website/page. This makes the process of networking a bit tedious and awkward. Why spell out your email address, when you can hand over a card in a second.

    Keeping an organized business card holder can also save you the time spent hunting for cards in your pocket, while looking professional.

    2. It’s a gateway to your digital presence

    Interestingly, instead of being replaced by digital mediums, the business card actually compliments them.

    Most people don't have just one social handle, or contact. They have multiple. It's hard to tell people your website, and your Instagram, and your Twitter, and your LinkedIn etc, when you meet in person.

    It's easier to hand a card that links to all your channels. Many modern business cards even have a QR code that the receiver can simply scan via their phone to access your digital channels.

    3. It’s an ad for you...

    Business cards are a creative real estate. Many brands/professionals use it to showcase their personality and style. Even if one doesn't know anything about your brand, a business card is a good teaser, and an invitation to find out more. When this space is made use of well, and creatively, it surely turns heads and gets eyeballs.

    4. Business cards are inclusive

    Not everyone is tech-savvy or has access to technology all the time. Many business professionals find business cards all the more useful while interacting with older audiences, or those leaving in areas with interrupted internet and power supply.

    5. Subtle, and not sales-y

    Many are of the view that a business card helps one network professionally.
    While meeting someone new, asking them to take down your details can seem a little pushy and transactional. However, sliding in a card, *just-in-case* they want talk is easier and leaves a better impression.

    In a world where everything is on a screen or on a cloud, a tangible reminder gains more value and attention. Business cards are efficient and useful, but a bulky wallet or messy pocket isn't.

    You might have the best business card, but it's of little use if you have to hunt your pockets for it. A business card holder helps you organize your cards and the ones you receive for quick access.
    We've created a sleek and sustainable business card holder, Reed, lets you focus on the meeting new people while it takes care of your cards.

    Find our more about Reed here.

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